Celebrity Style Smackdown: Who Wore it Best?

Yes, we know it has been a long time so without further ado, here is your Celebrity Style Smackdown!
Katy Perry vs. Nicole Scherzinger in Marisa Kenson
Winner: I can not believe I am going to say this, but the usually trashy and over-the-top Katy Perry wins! Masisa’s hat & shoes just kill the look and really don’t go with the style of the dress. I also like the pop of aqua shoes Katy chose. Just thankful it wasn’t her hair color!
Zooey Deschanel vs. Kerry Washington in Valentino
Winner: Hands down, Kerry Washington. While I adore Zooey’s quirky style ( and can’t wait for her new TV show), I can’t get over her sheer black hose and red shoes with this dress. She looks matronly.
Victoria Justice vs. Dakota Fanning in teal J Brand jeans
Winner: Bright jeans are all the rage this season and in this instance Victoria Justice wins. It’s easy to look sloppy while wearing jeans, but even Dakota’s Chanel bag can’t save her here. I like Victoria’s adorable top and sandals so much better with these jeans.
Claire Danes vs. Miranda Kerr in Roland Mouret
Winner: Miranda Kerr, duh. Poor Claire. She didn’t stand a chance against a Victoria’s Secret model. The too-long hem on Claire’s dress paired with the clunky strappy sandals just cut her legs in half making her look more matronly. Miranda of course is va-va-voom. Especially with her post-baby cleavage.
Ashley Tisdale vs. Ashley Benson in Robert Rodriguez
Winner: This is almost a tie since they virtually look the same. However, I have to give this to Ashely #1 or The Tiz. Mainly because I like the dress better with her coloring. It pops better against her skintone. But we are really splitting hairs.
Blake Lively vs. Leann Rimes in Isabel Marant
Winner: Is it really any contest? Even though Leann in painfully thin, she wins. Blake’s jacket, striped stockings and brown boots are just a big fat goose egg paired with this beautiful dress. It would have been best left simple. I am also LOVING Leann’s sandals with this dress. A TKO in my opinion. – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: people.com

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