Celebrity Style Smackdown. Who Wore It Best?

Between the Royal Wedding and the Met's Costume Institute Gala, we've had more than our share of gossip-worthy celebrity fashion. But away from the glitz and the gowns, it's important to remember that celebrities can set serious trends in their everyday lives with how they style their daily ensembles. And its just as important to remember that away from their stylists and when left to their own devices, celebrities can also make some serious fashion faux pas as well. Here's how they recently weighed in against each other:

Alexis Bledel vs. Corinne Bailey Rae in Stella McCartney

The Winner: I have to give props to both the girls for styling this floral shift dress in two totally different way. Bledel gets points for innovation, thinking out of box for her pale yellow platform pumps and navy kiss-lock clutch. But with the dress being as short as it is and with nothing on top or bottom, Beldel is left looking like she just forgot her pants. Rae on the other hand, is polished and refined with her black jacket, clutch and pumps. She turns the dress into a look with the simple yet effective styling of her accessories, and for that, she takes home the win.


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Miley Cyrus vs. Fergie in Alice + Olivia

The Winner: At first glance you can pretty much tell who the winner is since Fergie looks a hot mess. But closer inspection of the two looks only verifies that initial response. Besides the misfortune of her wild hair and lapels turned in, Fergie's whole look is all over the place—the cris-crossed fabric of her dress is all wrong, the hem of her dress is too long and her shoes are just ugly. Truly, she's a hot mess. Cyrus's rocker chic is no fuss no muss and she looks comfortable in it. Her simple mini dress, tousled waves and layered necklaces are perfect in complementing the embellished jacket without overpowering it. Um and the lace-up, open-toe booties? True love.

Taylor Swift vs. Kate Bosworth in Topshop

The Winner: Taylor Swift is proving here that you don't need to drop a bundle to make a luxurious ensemble. Again, styling is key. She paired her $98 Topshop dress with a black tulle skirt, a skinny belt and oxfords and she could easily attend an event in every fashion capital in the world. She utilizes the three 'C's: clean, complementary, chic. And there's really nothing wrong with Bosworth's choice of leaving the dress un-accessorized and pairing it with black tights and ankle booties; it's just forgettable and we've seen it a million times in some form or another. And so, Miss Taylor takes the win.

Freida Pinto vs. Paris Hilton in Marchesa

The Winner: As much as it absolutely pains me to do this, I have to go with Paris's look. Freida is so gorgeous, and if she had gone with Paris's hair and heels, the dress would have never looked better. But her almost-but-not-quite-matching shoes and bag are just distracting from the dress. It's busy enough on its own without plum and studs showing up. And her loosely pulled back hair is ok, but I would have liked to have seen it a bit more sleek and polished. Besides that fact that she's orange, Paris nails the dress by pairing it with nude heels and letting her platinum locks fall to one side with minimal jewelry. It's not often she's this understated so we have to celebrate her when she is.

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: People.com

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