Celebrity Style: Do These Shoes “Make” or “Break” The Look?

Just as a statement necklace makes an outfit pop and a good bag can really add oomph to any ensemble, so can a shoe “make” or “break” an outfit with its subtlety, suitability or prominent power. Let these four celebs show you how it can be done, for better or worse.

Make: Fergie

The best thing about this black wrap dress and black heels combo is not the fact that the outfit is all one color (although that certainly helps). It’s the great way the black straps of those heels match the straps peeking out of Fergie’s top, under the black blazer portion of that outfit. That’s the way your statement shoes add pizazz to an already perfect outfit.


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Break: Drew Barrymore

I’m a fan of Drew Barrymore’s flowery and feminine looks and this one is no exception. And then I look down at her shoes. She’s wearing round-toe platforms that don’t look quite right – and that color and print is all wrong. This is a classic example of shoes that throw off an entire outfit.

Make: Elizabeth Hurley

At first, Elizabeth Hurley’s silver shoes, coupled with the bright dress and the daring headpiece, was an instant “break.” Those strappy heels looked like they were squeezing the life out of her feet. But then I realized that perhaps they weren’t meant to look like that. I mean, honestly, how could we know how long she had been in them already? And as a matter of fact, they worked with the outfit quite well, without being too overbearing or even too matchy-matchy. So for me, those shoes were a perfect sartorial choice for the beauty.

Break: Solange Knowles 

Beyonce’s little sister isn’t known to hang back on her fashion. So her choice of fashion footwear with this number is no less surprising then her constant artsy, risk-taking fashion choices. Pointy metallic heels make this futuristic outfit pop but don’t try this at home – only Solange can pull off a shiny white turtleneck dress with the strangest shoes I’ve ever seen.

– Simona Shemer

Photos: People.com

Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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