Celebrity Style: New Trends to Try For Fall 

The weather has been a little off this fall season, particularly on the East Coast, as some days are unseasonably warm and others suddenly cold out of nowhere. Chalk it up to global warming or even just a strange year with even stranger weather. However you look at it, you can’t deny it’s been difficult to dress for this kind of weather. While the weather is still up in the air, we can’t say it’s going to be any easier but we can give you a few celebrity style new trends to try – ones that will work for both winter and summer, and most importantly, for all those transitions in between.

Bright Colors – Sophia Bush

I love a sweater with a pattern, but the thick material doesn’t make it so easy to pull off. Sophia Bush proves me wrong with her red, yellow, and blue print going even further by pairing it with a white pencil skirt, which is not the first kind of bottom I would consider when deciding what to wear with a colorful cropped sweater. The thick black lining at the neck and waist offsets the cool, eccentric print and the entire outfit wins for a cool fall day fall in my book.

Wrap Dress – Heidi Klum

There’s always a good Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress with a cool print to go around. Heidi Klum dons something completely different with her thick belted Jonathan Ortiz floral print dress. The architectural peplum-inspired top and thigh high slit at the front make this frock both sexy and sartorial – perfect for the kind of wrap dress trend you will want to follow this fall.


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Flounce – Priyanka Chopra

What I love most about this red mini dress on Priyanka Chopra (besides the texture of course) is the way it show off the legs but covers problem areas in the arms and keeps from getting too shapeless thanks to a thick, chunky belt. Basically, you can wear a paper sack with the right belt. Just make sure that that sack has enough flounce to cover your problem areas.

Embellished Blazer – Malin Akerman

I love a good blazer and leggings ensemble as much as the next person. But here’s a new way to wear a blazer. Malin Akerman styled her futuristic blazer (heart shapes and planets make up most of the embroidery) with cool Alchimia Di Ballin’ Telesto boots. The blazer, in all its embellished glory, definitely steals the show, making me wonder if I need to start sewing patches on to my black blazers to keep up with this super cool trend.

– Simona Shemer

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