Celebrity Style Missteps: What Was She Thinking?

We love our celebrities and their amazing statement-making pieces. But alas, not everyday is a good fashion day for some stars. Have you seen the outfits above? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Even Emma Stone and Jennifer Hudson – as stylish as they are – don’t always have a good day. So, just how bad was it?

Emma Stone

Alright, who do I blame here? Emma Stone for choosing this “interesting” dress? Her stylist? The designer for creating it in the first place? Not too sure but what I do know for sure is that too many things are going on in this outfit. The black turtleneck top with gold in the middle blending into plaid…and polka dots? OK, maybe the plaid is more of a check print…but that doesn’t make this Loewe Fall 2017 dress any easier to handle. Better to keep it focused, Emma.

Jennifer Hudson

Is something wrong with this picture? Nothing really goes together in this outfit, now does it? You might like the idea of a jean robe over a dress but here, it doesn’t work and let me tell you why. The dress is super dressy and the jean jacket/robe is super casual. So which look is it? Are you trying to dress it up or down, Jennifer? What’s with the long jean jacket anyway? Does it have to overwhelm you the way it does? Could you not have gone for something a bit more cropped? And those strange black ankle boots out of nowhere! This is NOT OK.


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January Jones

The stars are in her eyes…and all over her clothes! I know, that comment was as lame as this outfit. Ouch!

She looks like she belongs in a Captain America movie, or better yet, Wonder Woman. This superhero wannabe dress is not ideal and also, let’s not forget to mention, it doesn’t fit her correctly. It seems oversized in places and wrinkled in others. Plus, that sheer panel up top featuring even more stars is just way too much. Designer Christopher Bu, we barely know you.

Rachel McAdams 

At the same event as Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams wore this floral Johanna Ortiz Fall 2017 maxi dress. While I do love the floral print and the color combination, there are many things I do not like about this dress. The black bow in the middle comes out of nowhere and for me, doesn’t hit Rachel in the right place. In fact, instead of lifting her up it makes her look even more flat. Also, those tiers? I understand what the designer was going for and she wanted to emphasize the feminine silhouette, but I feel it doesn’t work with the dress. It makes it look more dressed down instead of dressed up.

Also does anyone want to tell me what that crazy drape of fabric is on her shoulder?

Stick to Marchesa, Rachel.

– Simona Shemer

Photos: People.com

Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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