Celebrity Style. Kim Kardashian vs. Angelina Jolie: Who Wears It Better?

As soon as I mention those two names, lots of thoughts run through your mind. The first thought that ran through mine was obvious. Kim Kardashian dresses young, Angelina Jolie is older. Kim Kardashian dresses provocatively, Angelina dresses conservatively. Kim Kardashian is immature, Angelina is not.


Does that mean that Angelina dresses better? Perhaps you would think so because she's demure and not over-the-top. She normally wears long dresses, not body hugging, in monotone gray, black, and navy blue. Once in a while she'll wear white, or a business suit but again nothing fancy, nothing statement-making, just sophisticated, pretty, and low-key. 


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Kim, on the other hand, likes to break the rules and she doesn't let her voluptuous, curvy figure stop her from trying the trends. Jumpsuits are essential, body-hugging leggings, big diva sunglasses, and low-cut shirts that make use of her–ahem–assets.

So who does it better?  For the twentysomething set, perhaps Kim is the star.  Angelina does it right for the thirtysomething mother crowd. 

But in the case of two outfits shown here, I have one thing to say: Kim Kardashian and her sexy, sultry self…does it better.



I'm a fan of Ralph Lauren, but this sweater dress is quite bland. And it's true, she's not known for her wearing form-fitting clothing, but this dress just doesn't fit her right at all. It makes her look like she has a pooch. And we all know Angelina Jolie does not have a pooch. 

Perhaps she wasn't photographed well here. That's always a good excuse.

Kim, on the other hand, looks better then I've ever seen her. Sure, her breasts are pushed up, she's wearing a corset as part of the dress by Ina Soltani and that marabou feather fringe on the bottom doesn't get me excited.  But the fitted blazer on top, the satin, and the smoke eye makeup kick it up a notch! Way to go Kim!

What do you think?

Photos: People

–Simona Kogan

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