Beauty Interview. What's in Your Makeup Bag Andra Naylor?


Today, with Second City Style Beauty Dish, as we peek into the makeup bags of our Editor's and Writers, we will be speaking with Andra Naylor,Fashion Editor and Columnist, to give us the rundown of her day-to-day skincare, her favorite products of the moment, and the the products she can't live without.

Let's take a peek into her bag!


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KDE: What is your favorite moisturizer/skincare at the moment?  

AN: I love tried and true Olay products and my favorite moisturizer of the moment is Olay Definity Highly Defined Anti-Aging Correcting Protective Lotion with SPF 15.

KDE: What's your favorite foundation?

AN:   A loyalist to the end, I can't buy anything besides Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 20) and Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. I mix them together for ultimate coverage.

KDE: Do you have a favorite eye product that you are really loving now?

AN:  I don't wear eye shadow very often, but if I do, i.d. Bare Minerals Glimmers in bronze and gold are my go-to. For treatment, I'm currently using Murad Renewing Eye Cream.

KDE: Any lip product obsessions?

AN: My current favorite is a subtle lip gloss in "Serenity" by LaV Makeup & Artistry (my cousin's make-up line!).

KDE: So, what's your favorite product of all time, that you can't live without? Or the one product that is always found in your bag.

AN:  I still haven't found a mascara that provides better volume and length than, L'Oreal Volume Shocking 2-Step Volume Construction Mascara.

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– Kelley Epps-Woods, Beauty Writer

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