Celebrity Style. Kick It Up a Notch: How Celebs Change It Up!


Simona Kogan for Second City Style Magazine

Are you tired of the same old look everytime you head to a dinner party, a fancy ball, or simply walking down the street? Of course you are! Well, you’re not alone. Celebs are always trying to be different and change their look – whether that means trying the trends or risking it all with something unexpected. This winter, why not follow in their footsteps and try something different? It may sound strange to conform to the nonconforming, but A-listers may be the best people to turn to when you’re bored and ready for something you’ve never worn before.


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So go ahead, strap on some latex, wear a 6 inch heel, or pull on a fedora. Or if you’re up for something truly chic, try one of the trends below. You’ll be glad you did.

Flaunt Your Curves
Since having baby Max, Christina Aguilera may not be a size 0, but she sure knows how to show off her assets. The pop princess (perhaps the royal queen now that she’s married) has been seen than one occasion in a fiery mermaid gown, which falls tight around the hips and flows to an open bottom. This month, she wore a metallic strapless Monique Lhuillier with a flared bottom to the Grammy nominations concert and she made sure to tie her hair back in a chignon so her gown would do the talking.

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