Celebrity Style. Celebs Mad for Plaid.

We’re not the only ones mad for plaid!

Couture designers like Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and of course, our beloved Burberry have all romanced the idea of plaid  and tartan.

But celebs, too, are investing in some beautiful plaid pintucked pieces and layering them with their fab winter wardrobes!


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According to stylish celebs (and our own Lauren Dimet Waters,) plaid doesn’t mean rummaging through a boyfriend’s closet for a lumberjack look.

Here are some celebs who do it right.

How to wear a plaid shirt: Take a cue from Kate Bosworth’s tucked in plaid with sophisticated high-waist pants. Or as LDW said, tuck into those sexy skinny jeans like Ashley.


When you’re not up for looking like Paul Bunyon, you can still indulge in this look by simply adding it as a chic accessory. Grab a funky plaid bag to go with an elegant black number like Dita von Teese’s sophisticated YSL pursue or add a plaid fedora to funkify an outfit.  If you’re so inclined, throw on some sexy plaid cutoffs like Fergie.


How not to wear a plaid shirt: Do not and I repeat, DO NOT try this at home.  Jennifer’s Hudson way-too-out-there plaid boots and plaid fringe bag are for Sex and the City movie purposes only. I don’ think I could see any normal New Yorker pull this one off! Kudos to Jennifer, but it doesn’t work for me.


Like LDW, I’m also not a fan of the plaid button-down pulled out of a man’s closet.  Especially not Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan’s wrinkled messes.  Please girl, opt for something a little more feminine!


-Simona Kogan

Photos: People.com, Trendmill, The Bag Lady, Wireimage

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