Celebrity Fashion. WTF Was She Thinking?! We're Not Copying Miley Cyrus This Spring.

We give props to Miley Cyrus. Singer, actress, entertainer extraordinaire—and only 15 years old! Everyday, a new sighting, a new song, a new style!

Unfortunately, this pop princess has outdone herself in the trends department wearing too many trends—often at the same time.  Although we appreciate her youth and her eagerness to take fashion risks—Miley is one star we’re not copying this spring. Here’s why:


Let’s start off with the least of our worries. Miley likes to pop and this Alberta Ferretti number does the drink.  It’s one of the better ones. Unfortunately, it looks too summery for an evening event and Miley looks too young for a sophisticated occasion. Next!

Down with those cowboy boots! The purple dress is too pretty for such things…


Nice try, Miley–but this says trendy attire waaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdone! A solid color under the jumper would have been much nicer! And those bug-eyed shades. Ugh!


Hmm…we could have put this in the patterned mini post–but did you notice that most of the celebs wearing cool patterned minis wore them in daytime? Again for an evening event, this Dolce & Gabbana mini is a little too much for Miley.


H&M Jeans, Urban Outfitters tee. We’re all for retail brands looking chic (high end low end match ups are our favorite thing,) but this is looking just a little bit unpolished– hippie chic meets try-too-hard teenager.  Lose the colored pants Miley!

Look like Miley got all the trends done in one try. Watercolorprints…leggings…summer scarves…gladiator sandals. The dress alone would have looked chic but again, we have to say it, overdone!


The Yaya dress–not our favorite.  A bit too short, a bit too many colors at once. Maybe something you’d wear on the Fourth of July. Maybe the sleeve are just a littie bit too poofy for us. We’d love to see you in something chic, Miley. We know you can do it. Lose the shabby chic cowgirl couture.

Photos: People

—Simona Kogan

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