Beauty Obsession. Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss


I am totally hooked on this vitamin-infused lip gloss by Tarte. No seriously. Not only is the color amazing it smells like fruit punch. Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss is the first lip gloss that’s actually good for you! While Tarte’s
shimmery gloss beautifies you on the outside, BORBA’s nutraceutical
blend beautifies you on the inside. How cool is that? Heck, think of all the lip gunk we women ingest, it might as well be healthy!

I use the gloss (like 30 times a day!) over every shade of lipstick I own and  I swear I get a compliment on my lipcolor every single day! Needless to say, I just bought my second tube after going through my first in record time. I’m in love.

There are six shades to chose from, but my favorite is R&R which is a sheer iridescent plum. Everyone at Second City Style is giving it rave reviews. You will too!

Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss 0.2 oz $21

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