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I admit, I believe everything I read in the Post, especially Page Six. For instance I wanted to vomit when I learned yesterday Nicole Richie is defiantly and publicly smoking while pregnant. I digress. Today’s Page Six asserts stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe is getting a little too big for her Manolos. Remember a month ago she claimed herself more important than Anna Wintour. Well turns out she wants to be her or is at least acting We all know many fashion magazines demand exclusives from high-end jewelry makers and
designers. So now is Zoe. 

A furious insider
said, "If you want your stuff on her clients’ backs, you can’t loan out
anything to other designers – or celebrities who are not her clients."
Difference is….one is a publication. She dressed famous people. What
designer would be insane enough to put all of their eggs in Zoe’s
basket? Yikes.

Source: Page Six

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