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Yikes…After a week of stellar celebrity fashion, we have gone back to the dark side. Or the backside as you will soon see…

Aubrey O’Day performance at The Plumm in New York City

Comment: What is she performing exactly? Aside from the fact that this outfit does not match or even pretend to be of similar style it is just very low-class and overtly…obvious. High waist skirt + loooow cut top = a place on this list of bad fashion.

She’s thinking:
Sticky tape, schmicky tape. So what if I pull a Tara Reed?

Kylie Minogue
at the Music Industry Trust Awards in London

Comment: This dress is just awful. On so many levels. I really wish she would cut back on the Botox. When brows arch like that (think the Joker) it’s an obvious sign of being over Toxed.

She’s thinking: "That’s right, Let me give you something for your appetite…"


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Here she is again with her sister Dannii. That is some serious metallic infraction

Phyllis Ellis at
the 22nd Annual Gemini Awards in Regina, Canada

Speaking of metallic…this is a great argument for why one should learn how to pose for the camera on the red carpet. Otherwise you are stuck with this one spectacular photo of yourself. Why take more? Tthere are no ‘do-overs.’ It’s another argument why some people should avoid metallics. Period.

She’s thinking: You are going to take another one, right? I mean damn it…people can’t remember me posing like this! Come on! I’m going to kill you, then myself.

Shelia McCarthy at
the 22nd Annual Gemini Awards in Regina, Canada

Comment: Same event, same bad red carpet presence. Could she look less thrilled? The dress is actually cute, but isn’t age appropriate. Additionally a great heel rather than the entire black opaque leg would have been a better call.

She’s thinking: You want a piece of me?

Trish Stratus
at the 22nd Annual Gemini Awards in Regina, Canada

Comment: I don’t mean to pick on Canadians (just bad fashion). I love Canada and personally know many a Canadian who can dress well. Then again, I don’t know anyone in Regina. Trish, a former WWE Women’s Champion, chose a bad color for her skintone and haircolor and the fit is bad for her body. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but something a little more low cut (so we don’t see fabric pulling across her rather large chest)
less tight and would have been a better choice.

The B (back) side. Baby got back.

She’s thinking: Look at my ass! Look at it!!!!

I will have nightmares about this.

Shauna Sand Lamas at Dr. Rey’s Shapewear Instant Shape launch L.A.

Comment: Speaking of nightmares, the ex-Mrs. Lorenzo Lamas is a testament to bad plastic surgery. Sad considering she’s at a plastic surgeon’s event. You have to give her credit for having three kids (they must be embarrassed as this is her normal attire). But, that’s really all the credit you have to give her. Only in L.A. would you see a woman over 25 dressed like this. If I have to explain what is wrong with this outfit then I give up.

She’s thinking: Shapewear my ass! This is all me, baby. OK and some plastic. "I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World."

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