By the List. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and… Nike?

As the internet grows as a marketing tool, news source, opinion column, and general meter of what’s hot and what’s hot, tracking what gets searched is as good a way as any to determine which brands are causing a stir. In the month of July, a fair few designer brands were at the top of this list, but they were joined by a few that would surprise you. Nike topped the list, beating out Gucci and Louis Vuitton, while Adidas made the cut, just above Guess. See the entire top 10 below.


1. Nike


2. Gucci


3. Louis Vuitton


4. Juicy Couture


5. Chanel


6. Ralph Lauren


7. Burberry


8. Diesel


9. Adidas


10. Guess

According to Milton Pedraza, founder of the Luxury Institute, "The fact that they are so highly searched tells me these brands are
extremely popular among the masses. These brands are the most popular, they are
ubiquitous. And they’re looking for product. They’re not searching
these brand names because they want to read about the history of the
founder. They’re also looking for counterfeits very often." We believe it.

Source: WWD

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