Brown IS The New Black!

Forget orange! Brown is the new black. Brown isn’t exactly my favorite color either. I get it. However, I hate to break it to you, brown is the new “It” color for fall ’16. Instead of reaching for your go-to black this season, why not try to add some brown to your rotation of boots, bags, coats or even tops? Now don’t just think chocolate brown will cut it. This brown has a bit more camel or orange to it. Look for colors like potter’s clay, cognac, amber, English saddle, whiskey and cinnamon stick.

Many designers sent this updated brown shade instead of traditional black down the runway. Designers like, Stella McCartney, Tibi and Miu Miu showed a lot of brown this fall. Why not really step outside your comfort zone and try a velvet dress or puffer jacket (two other major fall trends) in this rich hue? The easiest way to add brown to your wardrobe is to simply swap it out for the black you would normally reach for. You might be surprised at just how versatile it is. Don’t just cop out and wear it with blue jeans. Take a risk.



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