The Best Swimsuit Cover Ups For Women Over 50

Finding a bathing suit that is flattering, and you actually want to be seen in once you hit middle age, is bad enough, but when did my taste in cover-ups for them change as well? The other half of the battle now is finding that perfect swimsuit cover up that makes you look and feel like the goddess you are at the beach or pool.

Swimsuit Cover Ups For Women Over 50

I have come to the realization over the past 4 or 5 years that I no longer like shorts or short dresses, and apparently the same thing applies to my cover-ups. I have whole drawer of bathing suit coverings that I have amassed over the years that I no longer want to wear. They are suddenly too short. At least for me.

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My mother once warned me there will be a day when you are no longer comfortable in anything above the knee. Of course back then I did not believe her because I had OK legs (actually looking back they were banging, but I was too critical to appreciate them). Yet several years ago I distinctly remember reaching for the shorts romper I wore to death the summer before, and it just didn’t feel right. I am simply no longer confident in shorts. And it’s me. It’s not something society has dictated, because I truly believe you should always wear whatever makes you feel good.

Therefore as I have and I will continue to do, my need to find some new cover-ups has become a post. You are coming shopping with me. I love a pareo and pool pants, but I’m only looking at less fussy (that don’t require an additional top) one-and-done, toss-it-on-and-go options. The popular styles that I would consider for this excursion that are also trending right now are midi tunics, long kaftans, maxi coverups, long button downs and coverups that can also be dresses (beach to street).

So I did some shopping around and found the following. Now I just need to choose one or two for myself.

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Which style do you like best?


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