The Best Summer Whites Of The Season

You might have thought that I had abandoned all orthodox fashion rules after moving to LA, but dear reader, that is simply not the case. Perhaps living in the land of flip flops and yoga pants has actually made me buckle down and become even more stringent in my fashion rules. I used to delight in taking Christian privilege and wearing white between Easter and Memorial Day, but no more. I actually waited until the Tuesday after Memorial Day to break out my blindingly white – in the Southern California sun – summer whites. Here is my review of the best summer whites of the season.


I started with the premise that American designers do sportswear better than the rest of the fashion world and I tuned to DVF to see her take on casual summer dressing. This white satin stripe dolman sleeve dress is simply summer perfection – for work or a garden party! No one does a crisp white blouse better than Carolina Herrera who has made the look her own personal signature. This season’s tunic top features a nipped waist and ultra-feminine bows at the shoulder for extra drama. So chic!

Ms. Herrera’s slouchy palazzo pants had me on the search for this season’s must-have jumpsuit in summer white. My quest ended at Josie Natori when I found this amazing drop sleeve, off-the-shoulder jumpsuit with a wide obi-inspired sash. What could be more comfortable for any summer gathering?


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As you know by now, my Francophilia knows no bounds so I had to peek at the collection of Lacoste’s Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista to check the direction of the Continent’s sportiest collection. The white hooded polo shirt dress with full skirt and self belt is so thrillingly simple and effortless.

My search through the usual suspect of French fashion for an all white geometric design landed me not a Balenciaga or Jil Sander, but – not surprisingly – at Courreges! The origami style micro mini literally envelopes the wearer. The upper triangle forms the integrated cap sleeves, the lower triangle hides the pockets. I just love the mid-century mod feeling and the intelligent design.

I was ready to turn to the Belgians for more conceptual design when the Celine collection caught my eye. This particular design with the dropped waist and micro pleats is a study in stricture and movement. I love the high back-tied collar – although it is slightly straight jacket-ish, but then again I have been accused of fashion fascism…

Hopefully, this little review of Spring Summer 17 whites has inspired you to embrace this non-color and stand out this season. If white isn’t your thing, then fear not, I’m sure I’ll have completely reversed my stance by my next missive. Fashion is fickle, after all.

– Joseph Ungoco


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