Beauty Scents: L’Occitane’s Limited-Edition Pivoine Délicate Collection

Why must every beauty product and fragrance I adore be a limited-edition? Why? Why I ask you? I’m a girlie-girl through and through. Especially when it comes to my fragrances. I want to smell light and floral. You can keep your mannish heavy scents. So when I discovered L’Occitane’s NEW Pivoine Délicate Collection, it was love at first whiff. Called the flower of a thousand petals, the peony reveals dazzling pink hues and subtle floral scents. The collection consists of fragrances and makeup that resembles the peony’s unique pink shades and subtle scents in the form of; Eau de Toilette, Hand Cream, Shimmering Powder, Eau de Toilette & Lip Gloss Duo, Lip Shine, Lipstick and Lip Balm.

Mother's Day Display

The Peony collection contains a Peony extract from the Drôme region in the south of France. What makes this flower’s fragrance so distinctive is its lingering freshness, an almost rustic scent like freshly cut grass. According to Greek mythology, the Peony was once a beautiful nymph named Paeonia.  She received so much attention from the gods that another jealous nymph turned her into a flower! Well, whatever the story I know I have found my new Spring scent. Guess I had better stock up!
If you are in NYC, L’Occitane invites you to celebrate Mother’s Day at their Spring Shopping Event. On Thursday, May 3rd, bring mom to one of L’Occitane’s New York City boutiques to find fresh skincare for spring, discover the art of finding the perfect fragrance and enjoy light refreshments. There are gifts involved too! Each guest that attends will receive a special gift, perfect for spring.
Plus, don’t miss the gorgeous Peony Garden Windows that are on display through May 13th at L’Occitane’s two New York Flagships locations:
Flatiron: 22nd  Street & 5th Avenue
Upper East Side: 86th Street between Lexington Avenue and Third Avenue.
– Lauren Dimet Waters
FTC Disclosure: Sample provided for review.

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