Beauty Rave. SK-II Facial Treatment Masks

The Miracle Treatment: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

I am a huge fan of SK-II. If you have never tried their products (favored by Cate Blanchett), you really should. Lately my skin has been looking a little dull and lifeless. I usually find this to be the case after a long winter. Mind you, even though this one has been really mild, my skin still looks like hell. I’m sure I am not the only one who thinks their skin looks a little dull and tired…less radiant if you will. External elements such as cold temperatures, harsh wind and central heating all have a hand in depleting moisture from the skin. When the skin is dehydrated, it make the face look prematurely aged. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear, and skin loses its natural radiance. The horror! This must be stopped!
SK-II launched their Facial Treatment Mask in 1981. Since then, millions of women have experienced the instant benefits that this intensive product has to offer by literally drenching the skin with ingredients like Pitera and have seen the visible improvements in their skin when using a mask on a daily basis. What is Pitera you ask? Pitera was discovered by Japanese Chemists, and it’s actually a naturally derived liquid filtered from yeast in the fermentation process of sake. SK-II spent years isolating this magical ingredient from the fermentation process, and it’s now used in every single product they offer.
The SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is made from a 100% cotton substrate, which is specifically designed to allow maximum moisture to sink deep into the skin. Studies have shown that the mask helps apply a significantly larger amount of product deep within the skin’s surface – a single mask delivers the equivalent of about 10 applications of SK-II’s signature product, Facial Treatment Essence. The mask is designed to mold closely to the contours of your face to allow maximum penetration to the skin and to also allow a significantly larger amount of liquid to be held in the mask. Moisture is locked in to avoid evaporation – so more liquid can penetrate the skin over time.
I wanted to try the mask at night after my kids had gone to bed so the ‘Friday the 13th’ looking “Jason” mask wouldn’t scare them half to death, but I just didn’t have the time. So I tried it in the morning. Thankfully my older son laughed and wanted to touch it and my baby son mercifully didn’t cry. My husband, on the other hand, was a different story!
When you unfold the sopping wet mask it feels a little goopy, but it’s surprisingly easy to apply. I left it on for 15 minutes and then removed it and rinsed my face. I was left with an instant glow and can not believe what a difference one application made. My skin not only looks amazing, but is baby smooth! Miracles never cease to amaze me.
SK-II Facial Treatment Masks, $90 for 6
SK-II Facial Treatment Masks, $125 for 10
– Lauren Dimet Waters
FTC Disclosure: Sample provided for review.

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