Beauty Review. Iman Cosmetics New Finds For Women of Color


It’s very rare I find a product line whose every product I adore. Iman Cosmetics has been one of those lines. I have been using Iman products for over 10 years, and when it reached drugstores I was in heaven. I haven’t tried a product line that offers the range and almost exactly matches of a wide range of skin tones for women of color like Iman Cosmetics. So, with that said, I’m always eager to try their newest products and releases!

I’m not a fan of heavy makeup, so I’m constantly searching for something that has coverage but doesn’t feel like a mask on my skin. When I tried one of their newest foundations, Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup, the results were a little unexpected. Upon first trying this product, I thought it would be a liquid, and most liquids are usual medium to minimum coverage, but this product was more like a creamy mousse. It didn’t have the runniness of a liquid, but was a nice firm product that made application easy, and the coverage was amazing. This foundation offers more of a medium to maximum coverage, because it is buildable. For an added bonus this product can be sheered out beautifully and because it is enriched with pigmented minerals it gives the skin a beautiful sheen and a natural glow. I find that important for women of color as our skin can look dull and cakey if the wrong foundation is applied. If you are looking for more in your liquid foundation, this product is for you!
Another thing I’m always looking for in a product line is a translucent colored powder. Many times translucent powders are white, and for most women of color it leaves skin looking ashy and discolored. I prefer a translucent much more than a loose powder or pressed powder in that, I believe a powder should only set the foundation, but not add much more color to what you have already applied. So, when I tried the Luxury Translucent Powder, my search was over. This powder is very soft and silky and not at all heavy. It has color which is important for me, so that it blends in with the foundation, but does not overpower. It also gave me a semi-matte finish to my foundation which is important to help absorbing the oil. That means I can reapply during the day to combat any shine. Overall, this is one of the best products I could have added to my everyday makeup routine. and the jewel-embossed powder case is just darling.
I must say the Luxury Radiance Foundation and Translucent Powder is a winning combo, if you want the slightest of color to more color and coverage. Out with all the different foundations and powders, these two are a winning duo. I look forward to see how these can be topped!.
Iman Cosmetics Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup $14.99, Iman Cosmetics Luxury Translucent Powder $20.00 and other Iman Cosmetics  can be found at Target, Walmart, and other select retail chains.
– Kelley Woods
FTC Disclosure: Samples provided for review.

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