Beauty: In The Nude…Nail Polish, That Is

Nothing is more flattering to me in-between seasons than nude nails. I can’t tell you know much I love the color, or lack thereof. Nude is the perfect accessory to any wardrobe, and never competes with the fall season’s palette. Here are some of my favorite finds for the perfect nude nail polish.
Nobody does polish better than Deborah Lippmann. Some may disagree, but her polishes are always ‘grown up’, have great coverage and lasting power. What better way to transition into fall than with her Naked nail polish, in a clean bare beige shade. Due to it’s sheerness, you can layer and layer until you find your desired intensity.
Another favorite brand teamed up with Sephora, to give us nail colors galore. Sephora by Opi has any shade you can think of, but neon will not do for fall. Going Nude, Eh? is where I am going. No, I’m not going nude, but it’s the color of the nail color, and you can go nude too . Yes, as they say, it is the perfect ‘naturally sexy in-the-buff’ shade!
Rescue Beauty Lounge with it’s cult following always brings us beautiful shades and they aren’t exempt from giving us the perfect nude shade for fall. Their ‘Sheer Nude’ shade is just what it says – sheer and nude and they go on to say it’s “like an ultra sheer stocking that makes your  fingers look sleek, glossy and very very expensive. Just the color to wear when interviewing for your boss’s job.” Brilliant! How can you go wrong with that?
When it comes to ‘green beauty’ you won’t be disappointed with HIPPxRGB.  Green celebrity nail stylist Jenna Hipp has teamed up with RGB founder Gina Carney to create HIPPxRGB. HIPPxRGB created the first skin tone specific, full coverage, all nude nail color collection. Similar to the concept of foundation for the face, Nail Foundation is the first nail color of its kind designed to match and compliment for a flawless even finish. And one of my favorites is the nail color in ‘F2‘. It’s a universal nude that can be worn by any skin tone.
I’m so happy to tell you about this nail line. I met the lovely founders a few years ago in New York at a Fashion Week mixer. They are the sweetest girls ever, and have a great product to back them up. Ginger + Liz have amazing nail polishes that are good for you (non-toxic) edgy, and modern all in one. Because it’s all about the nudes, you should definitely try ‘Skin Tight‘. How flattering does that sound? And no, we’re not talking Herve Leger skin tight, only nail polish.
Who else does nail polish well, even though they are known for their highly pigmented eye shadows? Yes,of course it’s MAC. They do many things well, and nail polish is one of them. Usually pairing them with coordinating eye shadow shades, these high-gloss formula’s are yummy. They have amazing pigment, gorgeous colors, and a no-streak/no chip finish. Even though it’s a limited-edition, MAC’s ‘MAC Me Over! Xee & Sharon‘ is a gorgeous nude, taupe nail lacquer that works well perfectly for fall!
1. Deborah Lippmann ‘Naked’, $16
2. Sephora by OPI ‘Going Nude, Eh? Nail Colour, $9.50
3. Rescue Beauty Lounge ‘Sheer Nude’ Nail Polish, $18
4. RGB in ‘F2’, $16
5. GINGER + LIZ ‘Skin Tight’ Nail Polish, $12
6. MAC Me Over! ‘Xee & Sharon’ Nail Lacquer, $15
— Kelley Epps-Woods

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