Beauty Buzz. NARS Debuts Sephora Exclusive Lip Glosses

NARS Lip Glosses: Albatross, Luxor, Super Orgasm, Luster, Angelika, Oasis

Why should your cheeks get all the fun? NARS cosmetics is launching a brand new line of lip glosses in the same saucy colors as their best-selling collection of blushes. Exclusive to Sephora, the collection consists of six shades that match six of the brand's most popular blushes: Albatross, Luxor, Orgasm, Luster, Angelika and Oasis. The glosses were designed to be more lightweight than other NARS glosses, providing a wash of sheer color with every swipe. Anyone who's fallen for the original cheek colors know how universally flattering the hues are against any skin tone. And at $24 a pop, you can indulge in a few of these tasty treats for summer and walk away guilt-free. The new limited edition NARS lip gloss collection launches exclusively at Sephora on July 29.

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-Alia Rajput

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