Beauty Buzz. Everyone Deserves 15 Minutes of Fame According to the Lipstick Queen

Fifteen Minutes of Fame Pop Art Gloss

As you know, we here at Second City Style are HUGE fans of Lipstick Queen's lipsticks. Over the last couple of years Poppy King has expanded her product line considerably. Her latest venture is lip gloss inspired by the hyper color and cool simplicity of the Pop Art movement. Lipstick Queen’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame – Pop Art Gloss is amazing. It was Andy Warhol, the Prince of Pop Art who coined the phrase with his 1968 prediction that “In the future everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes” giving birth to modern celebrity, as we know it. Poppy has just taken it to the next level.

“I love to take words and phrases and translate them into color. This phrase, because of its implications about fame and ego and its attachment to the colors of Pop Art is so inspiring and when I hear it being said….I see it in color. Lipstick Queen’s Fifteen Minutes of Fames is my translation into the coolest, most modern, most Pop Art wardrobe of lip-gloss ever seen! I hope Andy would be proud.” – Poppy King

FAME Pop Art Gloss is totally stick and tackiness free, and lays down a smooth, perfect finish – based on the lips in Andy Warhol’s famous portraits. Filled with special emollients, esters, film formers, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and marine filling spheres that provide moisture retention and ultra shine, for an elastic-like effect and the benefits of line filling and smoothing.


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FAME Pop Art Gloss comes without shimmer so each shade you see on the lips is in its most pure, divine and uninterrupted glory. So fresh and so modern, this is the way to wear color. Poppy has deliberately designed each punchy gloss to represent a different minute along the time span!

Available in 15 vivid shades (of course!):

1 Minute – pale ballet pink
2 Minutes – watermelon pink
3 Minutes – smooth apricot
4 Minutes – subtle melon
5 Minutes – pale peach
6 Minutes – bright melon
7 Minutes – tropical pink
8 Minutes – super strawberry
9 Minutes – luscious scarlet
10 Minutes – feisty fuchsia
11 Minutes – vibrant purple
12 Minutes – deep rose
13 Minutes- pretty raspberry
14 Minutes – gorgeous grape
15 Minutes – sexy wine

I'm actually obsessed with 14 minutes which looked a little scary for my coloring in the tube, but goes on so beautifully, I have been wearing it like a glossy stain on my bare lips ever since I opened the box. It has enough pigment to wear alone.

15 Minutes of Fame Pop Art Gloss, $16.50 is available at Barneys New York, Space NK, Henri Bendel and online at

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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