Project Runway Season 6, Episode 3: Only At The Beach! Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.

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This week’s challenge seemed so simple. Create a fun and fashionable surfwear look with a perfect hairstyle to match. Oh wait, and do it in teams of two. Oh, and make a second avant garde look. Maybe it’s not going to be so simple.

With the stress of the challenge, this episode was definitely the most dramatic yet. Qristyl and Epperson‘s quiet fighting was clearly causing a communication breakdown. Mitchell picked Ra’mon to carry him through the challenge and seemed to not be taking anything seriously. New favorites emerged– Carol Hannah handled a model foul-up incredibly smoothly and didn’t let it affect her work or her partner. Gordana totally stood up her for partner’s vision on the runway and remained cool under fire. Sadly, Logan disappeared for the entire episode! After all the drama of Ra’mon and Mitchell, we could have used a zen-injection of Logan and Christopher for good measure.


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To the runway! Max Azria picks up the slack for the missing Michael Kors, and California girl Rachel Bilson becomes the next celeb to grace the panel. The hair took a total backseat to the clothes, even though it was supposed be a focus. After the models walk, Irina and Johnny‘s beachy-and-woven looks and Ra’mon and Mitchell’s “seaweed and waves” looks end up on top. I think some viewers will be surprised that Shirin and Carol Hannah or Logan and Christopher didn’t make it into the top two; their looks were definitely in the running for the top to me. Irina really helped Johnny out with both looks, even after gracefully being the last designer chosen! But ultimately, Ra’mon and Mitchell’s blue and electric  green looks really did it for the judges. It comes out that Mitchell only worked on the bathing suit that you couldn’t even see, and the judges worshipped Ra’mon’s last-minute look of green neoprene and blue dye. Ra’mon took home the win, immunity, a bunch of compliments, and the knowledge that he can save his own ass if he needs to!


And now, the bottom… Qristyl and Epperson tore each other up and didn’t even attempt to defend their looks. Gordana stood up for Nicholas‘s vision, and Nicholas admitted that he perhaps needed to tone it down a bit. It almost sounded, at the end, like the judges would have liked to put Gordana and Nicholas in the top– conceptually what they did worked, it just needed some tweaking. But who went home from these two teams? No one! Because the judges sent home Mitchell for doing… absolutely nothing. Auf wiedersehen, Mitch.

Project_Runway_Episode 3_2009_JRa'Mon-Lawrence 

Ra’mon – The winner!

Project_Runway_Episode 3_2009_JMitchell 

Mitchell – Out!

Project_Runway_Episode 3_2009_JEpperson 


Project_Runway_Episode 3_2009_Qristyl


Project_Runway_Episode 3_2009_JNicolas 


Project_Runway_Episode 3_2009_JGordana 


Your memorable quotes:

We don’t have oceans in Minnesota.

Tim Gunn in flip flops? It’s a stretch. Shirin

Only at the beach!Tim Gunn

Being with Mitchell, I feel like I have this giant bullseye painted directly in the middle of my face.Ra’mon

I’m not a damn student! Qristyl

I don’t know what the hell she was talking about, but hoodies and little sweatshirts are not for the runway. Nicholas

He has picked out some pretty, pretty ugly things and I think we’re going to be in trouble.Mitchell, on Ra’mon

No animal prints ever!Nicholas (What about wire hangers?)

Ombre of macrame. Can you say that a million times? Ombre of macrame!Nicholas

In our relationship, I can’t always tell always tell you that you’re perfect.Mitchell to Ra’mon. Are they dating?

Isn’t she precious when she gets all worked up?Johnny on Mitchell

Ladies and gentlemen, capital WTF?Ra’mon

I’m getting a little nervous because I’m looking at the fabric and I’m afraid that my garment is going to look like a blue tranny!Nicholas

Hi, the prophet of doom has returned.Tim Gunn

I’m going to be laughing so hard when they send your ass home, I’ll help them pack you! Nicholas to Mitchell

There’s gonna be on the chalkboard, Auf Wiedersehen Bitch!Mitchell

Then this suddenly is open and I’m thinking we’re gonna see panties.Tim Gunn

I feel like I’m at a cartoon with a superhero and a Greek goddess…Tim Gunn

Help! I don’t want to get yelled at anymore!Mitchell

You may need to resurrect the scuba suit.Tim Gunn

The whole girl’s butt is out.Qrisytl

Now, Ra’mon, am I reading this wrong or is Mitchell the team leader?Heidi

You did the swimsuit? We cannot see the swimsuit!Heidi

He did pretty much all of it.Mitchell confesses.

Thank you God for neoprene. Nina

I can tell by the rolling of Epperson’s eyeballs, you guys had a lot of fun together!Heidi

If you are not a team player, you cannot be a designer.Maz Azria

It was just a bad marriage. Qristyl

I think I took it a little too far… Nicholas

This work is not good. Let’s put that on the side.Maz Azria

On Project Runway, you actually have to design and create and sew. And he’s letting Ra’mon do all the sewing!Heidi

I’m the winner? Is there a recount that needs to happen because this is ridiculous! I mean, talk about prayers being answered!Ra’mon

Three strikes and you’re out.Heidi to Mitchell

Until next week!

– Hayley Wells

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