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Did you know that lip gloss, like milk, has an expiration date? Once opened and used, bacteria is introduced to your gloss. Kinda gross when you think about it right? Therefore your gloss should be replaced nine months after opening. Come on, how many of us have been lugging around really old lip gloss. Well, now you don't have to rely on the smell test!

Cargo_timestrip CARGO Cosmetics has recently re-introduced their original glosses in new packaging that incorporates cutting-edge Timestrip® technology. Timestrip® is a tiny strip embedded in the cap of the gloss. It keepsCargo_blu_ray Lip Gloss Single - Belize track of how long your lip gloss has been open.

What’s more, the colors are amazing and the iconic, award-winning and non-sticky CARGO Classic Lip Gloss formula is now paraben-free.


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The Timestrip® can also be found on CARGO's blu_ray™lip gloss line developed for high-definition filming. The blu_ray™ Lip Gloss creates fuller, smoother looking lips.

Just pop the strip into the cap of your gloss the day you open it and the Timestrip® begins to turn red as time elapses. Kinda cool right? I have been wearing my Big Sur gloss for let's see…6 weeks now.

CARGO Classic Lip Gloss with Timestrip® $22

CARGO blu_ray™ High Definition Gloss with Timestrip® $24

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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  1. This is quite a piece of news to me actually. Lip gloss also actually has an expiration date. Never heard of! It is wonderful to know that CARGO Cosmetics has re-introduced their original glosses incorporating a cutting-edge Timestrip® technology. 😀


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