Amazing Duo: Avon's ANEW Clinical Skinvincible

All that’s old is ANEW again…at least of Avon has anything to say about it. Come on, who doesn’t dream of a cream that could make your skin look virtually immune to aging? I do nightly. Avon has introduced ANEW Clinical Skinvincible amazing new formulas that help provide comprehensive protection against environmental aggressors while effectively reducing the appearance of age signs that can result from accumulated environmental damage. One protects during the day and the other repairs overnight.
Extreme temperatures, pollution, smoke, UV exposure, free radicals, extreme heat and cold and other external environmental factors can all cause dehydration and premature skin aging. In fact, the majority of skin damage can be blamed on these aggressors. Avon developed ANEW Clinical Skinvincible to not only help shield skin from this daily assault, but to also reduce the look of age signs that can result from it—even diminish the look of wrinkles your skin has had for years. The two new formulas; Multi-Shield SPF 50 Lotion and Deep Recovery Cream repair the look of years of age damage and, when used together, optimize skin health. Both products are hypoallergenic and are suitable for sensitive skin yet deliver the powerful anti-aging benefits of a treatment with all the hydrating nourishment of a moisturizer.
The result of using the ANEW Clinical Skinvincible SPF 50 lotion and cream together as a regimen, improved overall skin health, including even tone, texture and clarity. Formulated with UVA/UVB SPF 50 protection, the Multi-Shield SPF 50 lotion is packed with Avon’s most advanced blend of antioxidants. Formulated with Avon’s exclusive SmartRepair Technology, The Deep Recovery Cream picks up where the day formula leaves off, reducing the look of age while you sleep.
Expected Results When Formulas Are Used Together:
·    Repairs the look of 4 years of age damage**
·    Diminishes the look of sun spots and wrinkles your skin has had for years.**
·    Clinically shown to improve overall skin health in 100% of women tested*.
·    Helps deliver comprehensive protection
·    Provides effective reduction in the look of age signs that can result from environmental aggressors
*Based on a clinical study of Anew Clinical E-Defense lotion and cream used together for 8 weeks.
**Based on consumer perception studies.
I have to admit this was really my first time using Avon products for any length of time and I was very pleasantly surprised. My sensitive skin did very well with these formulas and my skin has been looking pretty good considering the amount of stress I have been under (which usually takes a toll). Besides, I prefer and SPF of 50 so feel confident your skin is protected. Totally worth a try!
ANEW CLINICAL SKINVINCIBLE Multi-Shield Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50, $36
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Samples provided for review.

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