Accessories Report. Lisa Loeb Launches Eyewear Line!

Lisa Loeb

Iconic singer/songwriter from the 90's, Lisa Loeb, has always been known for her cute, girl-next-door looks that were punctuated by one thing—tortoise-shell glasses. Loeb was the quintessential "hot girl in glasses" all through the 90's and continues that reputation till this day. So we were hardly surprised when the queen of spectacles announced she would be making a collection of eyewear herself.

Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection by Classique has recently launched and we hope its here to “Stay” (get it?). The singer’s frames are a fit for any face shape and are appropriate for work, school or play. Classic styles like the Hello Lisa make a sophisticated statement while more fun and flirty options, like the Lucky Me, sport etched designs and rhinestones on the handles. Whatever you fancy, Lisa's serves up a ton of options to choose from and the mid-level price-point means you can scoop up as many styles as you want, guilt-free. 

Channel your own "Reality Bites"-like popstar and relive those glory days with the new Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection by Classique, available at

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-Alia Rajput

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