A Moment with Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine In Chicago For Fashion Fair

Sam Fine was back in town last weekend (he is an New Yorker who is originally from Chicago!) to unveil the Fashion Fair Truly Treasured Collection. Sam Fine is Creative Makeup Director of Fashion Fair and his expertise in African American Beauty has earned him an impressive celebrity following.
I met Sam at Macy’s on State Street in Chicago last Friday. His presence generated a lively crowd of followers! He was there along with the Fashion Fair Pro Team, who demonstrated how to wear the collection’s colors for lips, face and nails and also provided makeovers and tips on using Fashion Fair makeup shades and foundation essentials. Women kept the team busy with appointments all afternoon.

Between his rounds of giving tips and chatting with customers, which he seemed to really enjoy, I had the opportunity to ask Sam a few questions.
SCS: Do you have any special tips for summertime makeup?
Sam Fine: I look at color cosmetics like it is a wardrobe, so I think of summer makeup colors the same way. I use more glosses, and brighter colors, more like a repeat of a color than “matching” an what the client is wearing. I like to add color to balance, maybe it is in a nail or lip color. The Truly Treasured Collection has a wide range of plums and rose shades for summer, as well as silvery shades.
SCS: Now I want to hear some celebrity name dropping! Who are some of your clients?
Sam Fine: I saw Jennifer Hudson, Paula Patton, Queen Latifah and I will be seeing Vanessa Williams.
SCS: You look so young. (He told me that he has been in the business for over 20 years!) Do you use any of the Fashion Fair Products?
Sam Fine: Yes, I do! I use the foamy cleanser. Now that is a market that really needs to be addressed: male skin care.
SCS: I’m also impressed with how great you look in that suit! Can you tell me the designer?
Sam Fine: Sure, it’s Tom Ford!
Check out the gorgeous colors in the Truly Treasured Collection at Fashion Fair and shop the Fashion Fair collection online at Macy’s.
–Carol Calacci
Photos: Second City Style

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