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Galentine's and Valentine's Day Gifts 2024

10 Thoughtful and Unique Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day Gifts

I used to be a bit bah humbug about Valentine’s Day, but I figure with so much hate in the world, why not go towards love? However, that still doesn’t mean I actually plan to plan for the day. Right off the heels of the holidays, I am still rather last-minute when it comes to …
pulled pork crock pot recipe

The Best Easy-to-Make Texas-Style Crock-Pot Pulled Pork

What will you serve for game day? What’s better than pulled pork? A pulled pork crock pot recipe, that’s what! As soon as I hear I can dump a bunch of ingredients into my crock-pot, close the lid, set it and come back several hours later to a delicious meal, I’m in. Problem is a …
mob wife aethertic fashion trend fountainof30

Chic Ways to Nail the Mob Wife Aesthetic for Women Over 50

If you spend any amount of time on the various fashion, pop culture publications and social media platforms, you’ve heard about the mob wife fashion trend. While it can definitely be argued that the glamorization of mafia culture is problematic, today we are here to talk about the mob wife aesthetic. No unsavory activities are …
worst spr\ing 2024 trends fountainof30

9 Of The Worst Spring 2024 Fashion Trends Women Over 50 Should Avoid!

Spring fashion is now showing up in stores and we are all excited about wearing the best new trends! We carefully curated the spring 2024 looks that are perfect for women over 50, but while we reviewed the runways we could not help but notice the the trends we know we would never wear. We …
best 5 antiaging foundations fountainof30

Five of The Best Foundations To Try for Your Aging Skin

Foundations. As we age we can’t live without them. Or at least we shouldn’t.