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New Designer. i.s. designs. Already Making a Name. Second City Style Fashion Blog

i.s. designs is a newly launched line by Chicago native, Ilissa Shefferman. Her love of vintage is apparent in her wearable designs that complement today’s fast paced lifestyle. After working in international trade in Washington, DC and traveling the world for a decade, Ilissa felt that she had not given her love of fashion a …

Handbags: Heavenly Designs / Hellish Price Point

Finding the Knock-Off or a Great Deal on the Real Deal

Project Runway. The Real Scandal is That Michael Knight is Always Overlooked. Second City Style Fashion Blog

The Internet is abuzz today predicting the big scandal in Episode 4. I think the biggest scandal is that Michael Knight is constantly  overlooked. It’s maddening. I know I am not the only person who thinks this to be true. Case in point…his coffee filter dress in the first episode was sublime. Didn’t make it …

Gr. Dano

7.25.06 A Label We Love

Interview with Chicago Designer Orlando Espinoza

“The women who wear my pieces and understand my concept and style have always been an inspiring and motivational factor in what I do.”