The 7 Jean Styles Women Over 40 Should Have In Their Closet

It’s the age old question that confounds most women over 40. “What style of jeans must I have in my closet?” We are asked constantly so it is time to dedicate some attention to this wardrobe staple. I happen to know a lot about this subject since I am obviously into fashion and spend most days in jeans. They are a wardrobe staple for both Carol and myself. So without further ado, here are the 7 jean styles women over 40 should have in their closet right now.

Jean Styles Women Over 40 Should Own

7 jean styles women over 40 should have skinny

1. Skinny jeans with medium rise in a dark color with some distressing details

If there is one style I own the most of it’s skinny jeans. I must have at least 8 pairs in various washes, colors and even some with a bit of distressing. I love skinny jeans because I find them flattering and comfortable. If you are going to buy one pair, make sure they are in a darker denim rinse. They will make you look slimmer. The darker the better. WARNING: You may be tempted to try skinny jeans in a high waist because they are everywhere and are guaranteed to smooth out your stomach. However, be careful because they can also make your butt look flat as they will smooth that out as well. Even skinny people run the risk of looking like they have a flat tush. If you are dying to try high waist, we strongly urge you to go with a high waist trouser jean.

7 jean styles women over 40 should have cropped


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2. Cropped Jeans

This is the hot style for fall and one you can most certainly pull off. Make sure the crop has a wider ankle opening. The flair balances wide hips and looks best with booties. You will see frayed hems in this category, too but tread carefully and keep the fray to a minimum so you don’t look like you are trying too hard.

7 jean styles women over 40 should have velvet

3. Velvet Jeans in a jewel tone or black

The hot fabric for fall is velvet and what better way to incorporate it into your wardrobe than with a pair of comfortable velvet jeans? Now black is always a safe bet, but how about a pair in sapphire blue or a deep ruby or berry red?

7 jean styles women over 40 should have Slim Boyfriend Jeans

4. Boyfriend Jeans (but not too baggy)

We love boyfriend jeans but at 40 make sure they are a moderate boyfriend or a girlfriend style, meaning not too baggy, You don’t want to look like a college student. Many boyfriend jeans come with rips and tears. We are cool with that, but be sure your jeans are not too tattered.

7 jean styles women over 40 should have High Waist Wide Leg Jeans

5. Wide Leg Jeans (trouser jeans)

Trouser style jeans come in a variety of shapes and this season wide leg jeans are on trend. Here is where you can try a high waisted jean or you can go with with any pant style, flair or straight leg that works best for you. These will be your “dressier” jeans.

7 jean styles women over 40 should have white Jeans

6. White Jeans or light cord jeans

Yes you can wear white jeans in the winter but not with black or heavy colors. They look best with muted tones like beige, blush, powder blue, etc. Pair these jeans with a light brown suede bootie to really pull them off with flare.

7 jean styles women over 40 should have black jeans

7. Black Jeans

Black jeans need to be jet black. If they are faded, toss them out! I find a I need a new pair every year. Wash them inside out in cold water to keep them from fading.

About Back Pockets

Most women over 40 do NOT want to look like they have a Kardashian booty. In fact, the majority of us want to have a cute, perky, little butt. Or at least the illusion of one. Here is the trick for making your rear look smaller: big back pockets. The bigger the pocket, the smaller your posterior will look so be sure to check the pocket size before you even try the jeans on. The smaller the pocket, the bigger your butt will appear. We are not saying to find massive, oversized pockets but you get the idea.

About Distressing

Keep your rips and tears to a minimum. While destroyed jeans may look adorable on a 22 year-old they will look ridiculous on a woman over 40. You will most certainly appear to be trying too hard. One ripped knee and a little fraying up near the pockets is fine. Any more than that and you run the risk of looking like fashion victim.

About Mom Jeans

If you are a mom or old enough to be a mom, do not wear these jeans. Mom jeans are generally high-waisted yet loose in the thighs and have little stretch ( usually 100% cotton). They are not your friend. If you wore them in the 90’s do not wear them now! They only look cute on young girls. You, however, will look like you pulled them out of that box that has been stored in your closet since college, even if they are brand new. Just say no to Mom jeans.

Hope this guide helps!

Lauren & Carol

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