5 Fashionable Shoe Styles That Won’t Kill Your Feet

Help! My feet are killing me! Recently I have hear that complaint more and more… and the frightening part is, it is coming out of me! So I found 5 fashionable shoe styles that won’t kill your feet.

Women Over 40 can’t do it anymore

In my 20s and 30s I can remember wearing sky high 4-1/2″ heels to work and I’d walk blocks down city streets without a problem. Back then older women used to say, “I remember when I used to wear high heels when I was your age, I just can’t do it anymore.” I’d brush off their comments totally oblivious to their issue, but now I totally get it! If I actually want to walk any sort of distance or stand on my feet for more than 3 hours, now I too confess, “I just can’t do it anymore! ”

Fashionable Shoe Styles That Won’t Kill Your Feet

But never fear the fashion world! There is still a way to look chic in comfortable shoes with low heels of 1″ or less! We can explore higher heels at a later date, but I’m in this post I am talking about run around the city all day long comfortable shoes. Besides allowing you to move easily, maintain good posture and avoid stress or strain on other parts of your body, you will look better too! Especially in your face since you will no longer have a grimace of pain. All crankiness will be gone, and that in and of itself, is a thing of beauty.


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5 Fashionable Shoe Styles That Won't Kill Your Feet No cobbie cuddlers

Do’s and Dont’s when shopping for comfortable shoes

Don’t look at comfort shoe brands. This may sound contradictory and I’m sorry. Brands like Aerosoles may occasionally offer a shoe that is chic and does not look like a Cobbie Cuddler, but we don’t care. Most shoe brands now offer comfortable options (Cole Haan, Vince, Frye and more). Instead, look for a shoe that you love from one of your favorite brands that is the most comfortable.

Don’t buy shoes that have too many straps or will rub or hit you in a bad place on your heel or on your bunions (if you have them). Ouch!

Do look for low heeled shoes, with smooth innersoles, soft uppers and room in the toe box so your toes don’t rub. Hard soles might look more fashionable but could cause pain after a few hours. You can find some squishy rubber soles that also look cool (such as many of the sneaker styles available).

Do look for shoes that will compliment skirts as well as pants and jeans. Pointed toe flats, ballet flats, or oxfords that fall under your ankles give the appearance of longer legs even though they have low heels. They will become invaluable.

Do make sure the shoes fit properly. Go up an extra 1/2 size as long as they don’t slip off. Slipping and sliding shoes can be just as uncomfortable, but in this instance an innersole may provide that perfect fit. Shoes that are too small will never be comfortable and will cause foot problems in the long run.

OK, back down to your feet! Here are a few styles of chic yet comfortable shoes I selected for women over 40 of all different walks of life. (I couldn’t avoid the pun.)

5 Fashionable Shoe Styles That Won't Kill Your Feet ballet flats

Classic Fashionista  – Ballet Flats

These Frye Sienna Ballet Flats, now $129 – $178, strike the perfect balance between comfort and flattering-your-legs style. They come in a variety of colors, too.

5 Fashionable Shoe Styles That Won't Kill Your Feet loafers

Working Woman – Loafers


These Salvatore Ferragamo Sarno Loafers, $595, are amazing. Note the beautiful fluted heel and the fact you can wear them with everything from skirts to pants. Yes they are an investment but your work hard so you can afford them.

5 Fashionable Shoe Styles That Won't Kill Your Feet driving moccasins

Runaround Mom – Drivers

You can get classic Tods but these Cole Haan Rodeo Tassel Driving Loafers, $130 are just as comfortable and will save you money to spend on the soccer team.

5 Fashionable Shoe Styles That Won't Kill Your Feet sneakers

The Commuter – Sneakers

These Vans Classic Slip-On Sneakers, $59 in black on black velvet are sort of secret sneakers. Sure you can get cool athletic sneakers but black on black soles are understated and dressier. Besides, classic Vans (which are really in men’s sizes) are super comfortable.

5 Fashionable Shoe Styles That Won't Kill Your Feet oxfords

Statement Maker – Oxfords

Go super easy on your feet while you make a statement in gleaming silver Dr. Martens 1461 Met 3 Eye Shoes, $135. If you’re timid you can get them in black or be even bolder with modern white Doc Martins oxfords. I’m obsessed with these. Yes, you can wear them, even if you’re over 40!

*Do continue to wear high heels only for special occasions when you know you will be standing for 3 hours or less and will be transported via car or cab.

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