4 Celebrities Show Us How to Work the Modern Dress

Ahh, the dress. It’s every stylish fashionista’s go-to wardrobe piece. A stunning one and done garment that can cover the legs or accentuate them, depending on the style. A dress is something that can be both elegant and demure, statement-making and subtle, sexy and sophisticated. The modern dress is a feminine piece and an ultimate way to feel like a woman (and no, I am not against men wearing dresses if they want to). They come in all shapes and sizes, fabrics and silhouettes. And in this day and age, they have become more modern than ever.

Check out how these four celebrities put their own unique spin on this timeless number.

katie holmes the Modern Dress


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Katie Holmes 

The great thing about Katie Holmes is that she can look like a tough vixen one minute (hello smoky eyes!) and a girl next door the next. This outfit has the girl next door thing going for it but with a “wow” factor in the color. She plays with loud and soft in a unique way, with aspects of the dress that make it stand out while keeping her subtle quality going.  First, it’s printed, of course, and the multiple colors on the dress really make it eye catching. Second, it’s midi length, which gives it a little more modesty. Yet the sexiness is not completely out of the picture, as Katie proves she can give away just a hint of skin with the off-the-shoulder neckline. I also love how she paired the colorful frock with strappy black heels and a tough black and gold bag, offsetting the floral pattern.

Keri Russell the modern dress white tee

Keri Russell 

Keri Russell is the epitome of effortless chic and this t-shirt dress is a good example. The whole idea of the pairing of casual and dress is just so interesting to me and she does it so well here with the white t-shirt top and the tulle skirt bottom so they look like separates even though it is a single dress. It’s super cool and I also love the dots on the shoes match the dots on the skirt overlay.

Allison Williams the modern dress floral

Allison Williams 

Everything about this dress on Allison Williams screams fashionista to me. Don’t you love when that happens and all you have to do is throw on the number? That’s what a good dress will do for you, as long as you pair it with the right shoes and accessories. Allison wears a look from Off-White and while the big florals are a bit dark for Spring, the outfit is so attention-grabbing it doesn’t even matter!

Emilia Clarke the modern dress LBD

Emilia Clarke 

Emilia Clarke is sophisticated and ladylike in every sense of the word, here wearing a class LBD (little black dress) with a unique cut and hip-hugging silhouette. Alas, Zac Posen is perfect at flaunting the female figure and his tailoring has always been flawless. Yet, this is not actually a little black dress, but a two piece. No matter, it fits so well that it looks like one and she smartly opens the jacket and lets it hang off her shoulders so everyone can see the elegantly strapless bust (yes, there is such a thing an elegant strapless number) and the perfect shape.

– Simona Shemer.

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