Your Beauty Wish Granted: Amazing Lash Studio Lincoln Park

amazing-lash-now open One of the top beauty wishes I hear from many women is to wake up in the morning with thick long lashes and not have to worry about applying (the usual) coat after coat of mascara before walking out the door. Ladies, Amazing Lash Studio may be your dream come true. I tried these lashes at the new Lincoln Park location and have been amazed (truly no pun intended) by how much time I save every day and how these lash extensions have simplified my life.
Esthetician Jessica at Amazing Lash Studio in Lincoln Park made me feel at home.
THE EXPERIENCE The overall service is completely relaxing. Your first set can take and hour and half but allow for 2 hours (in case you are lucky and have a lot of lashes then it takes more time). Imagine laying back for an hour or two (you can take a cat nap) while a licensed esthetician applies your lashes. Jessica did a fantastic job for me. She led me to one if the beautiful spacious private rooms and asked me what type of lashes I wanted. I already checked out the Amazing Lash blog and asked for the “cute” lashes which are longer in the center. Jessica applied the single synthetic lashes directly onto each of my real lashes, one by one.  I may not look as “cute” as the girl in the photo but they came out amazingly (there I go again) natural looking. I did not even care if they looked fake since I usually wear gobs of mascara. amazing-lash-cute amazing-lash--Natural amazing-lash-sexy amazing-lash-gorgeous QUESTIONS ANSWERED Is it safe? Will your lashes fall out? I learned that your lashes naturally fall out and get replaced every 3-4 weeks. So to keep up with your look (and you can change it up) touch ups are recommended every 3-4 weeks and take only 45 minutes to an hour. You can also opt for a membership package. Get an initial full set of lashes for $79.99 and monthly maintenance are just $59.99 per month. amazing-lash I chatted with Janelle Panozzo, owner of Amazing Lash Studio in Lincoln Park the day after trying a set. I asked her why she decided to open the studio. Her excitement was contagious. “I have always been into lashes and I spent so much time and money on curler and mascaras. I found extensions to be a viable solution. I liked the lashes Amazing Lash offered, the product itself, the system of applying them, and they offer a much more affordable option for women– other places are $100 a month or more.” AMAZING LASH CARE As for caring for the lashes, Janelle told me to avoid oil-based eye makeup removers, shadows or liners. A water based liner is all you need and you can wear powder shadows. Apply mascara and any kind of liner to you lower lashes, if needed, and even a little mascara on the upper lashes, but do NOT use waterproof. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out my new eye makeup routine and less then 2 minutes to complete it. It saves so much time and as we all know longer lashes make you look younger! Like Janelle said, “It’s a game-changer.” The new Lincoln Park location at 1845 N. Clybourn Avenue in Chicago is open Monday through Friday 9am-8pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm.  Appointments can be made by calling 773-248-5274; walk-ins also welcome.  Street parking is available, as well as easy access to a parking garage with 90-minute validation. Visit Amazing Lash Studio Lincoln Park – Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style and Amazing Lash Studio Service provided for review and the opinions are my own.

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