(Yet Another) Swooning Fan Letter to Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara

Dear Rooney,
First off, I want to apologize for not initially recognizing you as Erica from The Social Network, and that matchpoint reparte you engaged with Jesse Eisenberg in the first scene (surely, you knew we were all rooting for you). But the mere inability to identify you from them to now is just a testament to the gravity of your style transformation. I mean, before you wore headbands. And now, you literally take “girl crush” to a new level with that glass-cutting hair, those smoldering eyes and your ability to make black somehow look new again. I have to admit tho, I am a little biased after seeing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and all the butt-kicking ingenious of Lisbeth Salander. Your performance was so raw and gritty and authentic (I thought your accent was 100% real) that I couldn’t have walked out of that theater with a burning drive to find out more about the girl that created such a riveting character. So bravo, you’ve left audiences reeling and fashionistas talking, two very hard things to do at the same time. And with the 2012 Awards Season kicking off at the end of this week, I cannot WAIT for the dazzling slew of dresses you’ll be turning heads in. Not to mention all the acceptance speeches you’ll surely be making . So bravo Rooney Mara, for knowing what you and you alone like. From deciding to use your middle name as your first (it’s much more memorable than Patricia) to making the choice to keep the black, edgy bangs after the cameras stopped rolling, you are in the driver’s seat of your style and your career. And we just can’t seem to stop watching.
Your Devoted Fans,
Second City Style
Photo Source: NY Mag

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