Yarok. Food For Your Head at Roque Salon

I have a confession to make. I’m in an abusive relationship. I abuse my hair on a regular basis. Just last week I dyed my own hair not once, but twice within a 36 hour period. I pick my split ends all the time, and I straighten my hair daily without any thermal protectors. That being said, my hair is still very good to me, but my fine (and probably very damaged hair) is due for some TLC. Recently I walked in to Roque Salon in Chicago excited to get an all-natural and vegan scalp and hair treatment. I thought I’d get a nice little head massage and my hair might be a little shinier afterwards – I got so much more than expected.

When I walked into  the salon I was greeted by Yarok stylist and educator, Theadora and the man who created the revolutionary line himself, Mordechai Alvow. After I grabbed a delicious Sokenbicha tea in Revive I sat down in the chair with Theadora to get my hair healed.

Theadora proceeded to tell me all about this revolutionary line of haircare products. Yarok is a haircare line that might just save the world and your hair. Theadora started by massaging the ‘Feed Your Sunshine Hair Serum’ in my damaged locks. This little bottle is jam packed with nutrients for your tresses. The special formula protects and repairs your hair against all the torture you put it through. Unlike most hair products, Yarok is sucked in by your hair shaft instead of just coating it. As I sat in the salon a woman next to me turned to me and told me the story of how she got hooked on Yarok. A while ago her scalp starting scabbing over and she said her head felt like a crater. Her hair started falling out and she had no idea what to do. She started getting the Yarok treatments with all the natural ingredients and she hasn’t had a problem since. After I sat with the Serum in under a heater for a bit, my hair was washed with the ‘Feed Your Volume shampoo and conditioner’. I have never in my life used a natural shampoo with a better lather. After I had been shampooed and conditioned, Theadora told me to feel my hair. Even wet, I would have bet big money that my hair could have lifted weights. The next step was to style my hair. Theadora sprayed on the’ Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner’ as a protectant against the heat of the blow dryer plus a little bit of grip from the Feed Your Do Styling Whip, she blew dry my hair into shiny, bouncy, healthy perfection. My hair was finished with a nice spritz of the ‘Feed Your Hold Style Sustaining Hair Spray’ with memory hold and no alcohol to dry out your hair. I walked away from Roque Salon with my abused hair feeling loved again. The day of my hair was bouncy and my bottle-red color looked more vibrant than ever. I’m writing this four days after the fact, and I was STILL receiving compliments on how great my hair looked.


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You can buy all the Yarok goodies yourself and give yourself the treatments at home, or you can go to Roque Salon where they’ll give you a fabulous scalp massage along with it for a great break from the real world. Your hair will be so happy with you, it’ll cooperate for days to come.

-Kat Bremhorst Photos: Second City Style

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