WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

This week was more about the subtle elements that could make or break an outfit. While many mishaps are not quite outlandish, they still have qualified as stylistic blunders and therefore deserve a healthy dose of WTF!

Kim Kardashian at the Nivea/Shay Todd Summer Bikini Bash in Malibu, California

Comment: So Kim is a new spokesmodel for Nivea and therefore donned her logo-matching blue and white ensemble to pose for pictures at party that was not, despite outward appearance, at the Playboy Mansion. She apparently believes that Nivea must be sponsored by Maxim or Hooters or some other type of ill-reputed establishment that would allow her to think that this ensemble was OK. What is the point of a "coverup" if it only serves peek-a-boo purposes and accentuate her already obvious assets. I'm all about bringing the girls out but there is a time and a place. And she wonders why no one will ever take her seriously.


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She's Thinking: Kourtney would never be able to make this look so good.


Kat Kramer at the 14th Annual L.A. Library Awards in Beverly Hills

Comment: Poor Kat obviously didn't make it home from the club the night before and therefore opted to show up to, of all things, the library awards looking like a walk of shame. The disguise of the suit does little to mask the more offensive aspect of her outfit-a sheer midriff that doesn't quite leave enough to the imagination. Think of the children! Speaking of which, her choker is eerily reminiscent of an eighth grade shopping trip one might have to Claire's.

Shes Thinking: I'm the naughty librarian!

Hannah Hild at the 2009 Style Awards in London, England

Comment: Although Hannah doesn't necessarily score points with her monochromatic ensemble (complete with the dreaded black tights), her LBD could be considered edgy by some in the fashion world across the pond. What we can't forgive her for though is the weird, Michael Jackson-esque choice of gloves that don't really do anything to help the ensemble. Seemingly made of leather but looking like latex, the gloves paired with the gothic garb are actually kind of creepy in a horror movie surgeon-gone-wrong kind of way.

She's Thinking: Just Beat It!

Jane Gazzo at the Kia Soul Live at the Chapel Concert in Sydney

Comment: The last two entries are dedicated to women who have chosen to embrace a stranger, more childlike side over a sophistication that would have been more befitting. In the case ofJane Gazzo, relinquishing just one of her layering pieces could have resulted in a look less doll-like. The flouncy minidress on it's own or even with the cardigan sans leggings would have been a subtle enough statement and not as chopped up. Or if she threw in some bigger hair and a few more rings she could maybe pass as a Harajuku.

She's Thinking: I hope I don't get busted for curfew

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French actress Loreille New at a French Open Party in Hollywood

Comment: Dressing young is also apparently en vogue in France these days, as Loreille illustrates with her tightly coiled buns and butterfly barrettes that match perfectly with the motif of her clutch. Um, can someone let her know that the only person that can pull that off stateside is Drew Barrymore and even she put the fad to rest sometime in the mid-nineties. It hasn't been long enough yet to resurrect the cutesy insect infatuation, at least if you're over the age of twelve.

She's Thinking: J'adore mes petites papillon! (I love my little butterflies)

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