WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

Holly Montag at the 2nd Annual Ryan Sheckler X Games Celebrity Skins Classic in Coto de Caza, California

Comment: Is poor Holly Montag tired of being overshadowed by her younger sister, Heidi? We can't see any other reason for going out in public like this. If seen on the street, one would probably think the only place this mish-mosh ensemble of neon plaid, polo, and argyle could possibly work is some sort of deranged golf outing. Funny—Montag is in fact doing just that and still looks misinformed of the appropriate dress-code on the green. Using just one piece of her loud ensemble would have been sufficient in creating a cute tip of the hat to traditional golf apparel. This seems to be just some tragic plea for attention. She should take a tip from Nicki Hilton's book: If your sister is a media-loving mess, its much better to step out of the limelight and work on your image as the tasteful sister.

She's Thinking: Even bad publicity is publicity, right?


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Sienna Miller at the "G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra" Japan Premiere in Tokyo

Comment: Miller, usually lauded for stylistically marching to her own tune, took a slight misstep here with a sensory overload of an ensemble. We're just wondering how many innocent bystanders got blinded by the flashbulbs bouncing off this light-reflective material. A shiny, leopard-print tuxedo is a big enough feat to pull off on its own—but then pairing it with a blousy top of similar material (ick) and tucking it into your skintight leggings?!! Even a trendsetter like her can't make it work and Tim Gunn would seemingly agree. He would also probably tell her to loose the mullet-y ponytail, though it does complete the overall biker-trash aesthetic. 

She's Thinking: Born to be wild.

January Jones at 2009 TCA AMC cocktail reception in Pasadena

Comment: Perhaps January Jones has seen all the hype caused my some of the latest fashion trends dabbling in indecent exposure and wanted to get in on the fun; in a more toned-down manner, that is. If that was not her intention with this dress then, sorry but that's all we can think about when we see it. Instead of free-boobing it under her sheer top she chose to wear a bra, albeit one we can clearly see. And instead of using brightly colored tape to cover her nipples a la Lady Gaga and Rihanna, she opted for strategically placed bows. Jones really can't be blamed for her demure approach to public nudity, but the dress just seems like a paltry attempt instead of looking pretty and polished. It looks as if she made it all the way to the end of the diving board but couldn't quite get herself to jump in.

She's Thinking: Where's the love for my lovely lady lumps?

Charlyne Yi at the L.A. screening of "Paper Heart"

Comment: Poor Charlyne Yi had a field day of bad fashion at her film premiere between Bai Ling's latest circus costume and Christian Serratos' frightful leather ballerina dress. But they didn't make the cut because it was Yi herself that seemingly needs the most help. Afterall, she has a lot going on for her: cutie Michael Cera is her boyfriend, her film got rave reviews from critics, she's being called the next big thing in independent films. So would it kill her to look the part? Even if she is a 'Don't call me a chick', chick, she can still tweak her style in minute ways to get results of epic proportion: lose the shoes (burn them actually) and the granny stockings, give Laura Ingalls Wilder her dress back and infuse some color into your washed out wardrobe, and finally, for the love of all things fashion, get rid of that horrid backpack once and for all! Even the hipsters won't call you a sellout for that.

She's Thinking: I don't have to look good, I'm an artiste.

Ciara at the Elle Magazine and Express Hit the Road TXT L8TR Campaign Event in L.A.

Comment: Right when we were about to hail Ciara's fashion choices after spotting the  simple black cocktail dress she wore at the TAG Signature Series Body Spray launch party earlier this week, we realized we had spoken too soon. The singer's stylings have left us seasick with all the ups and downs, and this outfit is particularly nauseating. Its as if she's trying two entirely different looks at once, but put them together simply because they matched. The tuxedo stripes on the pants make her look like she should be announcing acts under the big top. And are those dyeables?!! Who would have thought a shoe would come in the exact same glaringly rosy shade. Ciara needs to be reminded of the timeless adage, 'It's not as important for an outfit to match as it is to go."

She's Thinking: All I need now is a top hat and a lion tamer.

Photo Source: wireimage

-Alia Rajput

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