WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

Cory Kennedy at a Nylon + G-Star party in West Hollywood

Comment: Although the Nylon/G-Star star party was in honor of men's style, that doesn't mean that the women invited had to show up in drab and shapeless ensembles. In fact, every other woman in attendance at this chic fete looked smoking, which made Cory's blah poncho stand out that much more. If the hooded, asymmetrical shape or the gunmetal palette wasn't enough to call the fashion police on this piece, then her apparent lack of bottoms just seals the deal.

She's Thinking: Anyone else feel a draft?


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Julie Delpy at the AFI Fest 2009 in Hollywood

Comment: At first glance, I had no idea who this actress was! This couldn't possibly be the same lovely Julie Delpy who's rare public appearances are equipped in subtle, understated chic. Dressed in shapes that are too dark and frumpy, Delpy seems to just disappear (at least take off the coat!) and the combination of over-sized frames and pulled back hair makes her look older and seems to hide her face instead of showing it off. Come back to us Julie!

She's Thinking: I'm just a pioneer of the new look, old lady chic.

Maria Lafuente at a benefit dinner in Madrid

Comment: Designers across the globe are known to take risks to express their artistic visions—and therefore sometimes get called out on it. Yes Maria is a designer, yes she is European, but a cap-sleeved tunic topping in a wild floral print with matching leggings needs to be toned down, no matter where you come from. Choose one piece or another for a statement making piece, instead of turning yourself into a human canvas.

She's Thinking: And this is a slow day for me!

Ninet Tayub at the 2009 MTV Europe Awards in Berlin

Comment: Hmmm….not much to be said here. This what happens when a perfectly good high waist goes bad, resulting in a woman's worst fashion nightmare.

She's Thinking: Are there camels in Germany?

Marlene Favela at Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas

Comment: The Latin Grammy's brought out an array of beautiful women resplendent in a spectrum of colors. Many of them, virtually all, featured a one-shouldered style either as a simple twist or boasting sparkly jewels. But this was the only one to feature an overdose of sloppy-looking fabric. An over sized ruffle can be the one thing to alter what's otherwise a gorgeous dress. The color and fit work perfectly for Marlene, but as a petite woman the layers of the accent are just too much, taking the focus away from her killer bod and looking like some tropical bird just molted on her shoulder.

She's Thinking: X marks the spot!

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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