WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

Samaire Armstrong at the Energy Sustainability Suite in West Hollywood

Comment: Samaire, where have you been for so long? You're so cute, and your hair is so cute and whoa, wait. Whats with the getup? You look like you're dressed in a costume at one of the those amusement park Wild West photo booths. A little much for an celebration of an energy saving suite, no? But on the bright side, if you meant to match perfectly with the solar panel truck, then you nailed it.

She's Thinking: I wanted to be bright, you know, like the sun!


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Kim Kardashian at a party in L.A.

Comment: Um, so, not the most flattering look we've seen on Kim. Her leather bodice/armor looks like it has built-in nipples ala Batman. And if you've got curvy hips already, why add to them even more with a skirt in a stiff, ruched material that sticks out on both sides? The whole outfit is just too tight overall, making her look bigger than she actually is.

She's Thinking: My boobs are insured, I need to protect them.

Tiffany Luu at a birthday party in New York

Comment: Speaking of boob, um, maybe its just me but—this may be a tad over the top. Unless you're stepping onto the set of an adult film, why would anyone go out in public looking like this? Whatever happened to less is more?

She's Thinking: But my handkerchief is by Herve Leger!


Lilo Kinne at a birthday party in New York

Comment: Strangely enough, the extreme opposite of the above look was also at the same party. Much more clothing, yet no less crazy. Maybe Kinne's closet was being redone so she felt the need to take her entire wardrobe to the party with her. If I was her, I would have left it all at home. That bag lady look is just so last year.

She's Thinking: I'm dressed for every season, just in case!


Photo Source: wireimage

-Alia Rajput



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