WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

Jaslene Gonzalez at the Billy the Artist for Swatch Launch Party in New York

Comment: Leave it up to a former America's Next Top Model to push the envelope on something like the exposed nipple trend. Here, Gonzalez abandons all pretense and chooses to morph the commonly seen nipple into a full on topless show. To a launch party of watches, of all things. Did Tyra teach her nothing? Or maybe Gonzalez only remembers the lesson that Tyra surely taught them on doing whatever it takes to stand out in a crowd.

She's Thinking: I bet I've got more photos here than Carridee.


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Isabel Lucas at a special screening of 'The Cove' in New York

Comment: We've heard lately that the nineties could be making a comeback but this is a little ridiculous. Lucas seemingly chose to channel her inner-Blossom for this event, complete with tacky topper and ill-fitting bell-sleeved blouse. Her high-waisted shorts are the only thing not entirely reminiscent of Joey Lawrence in a leather jacket with a flannel tied around his waist.

She's Thinking: Whoa!

Lorielle New at the Hollywood Bowl Picnic in Hollywood

Comment: Good old Lorielle New never fails to entertain. She has been off our radar since showing up to a Cannes party with butterfly barrettes in her hair. But now she's back and better than ever in a way only a metallic one piece/dress thing can inspire. The tube top in the shiny, clingy fabric leave little to the imagination and luckily for New, she's got a body to pull it off. But we're entirely confused by the bottom of the garment due to the fact that the belt comes down and seems to divide the fabric below New's waist. Intentional? Accidental? With her you can never tell. What results though is a messy hybrid between gaucho style pants and a partially tucked in skirt. And then there's the hat, which requires even more explanation. At the end of the day, any outfit that needs this much reasoning (and isn't even cute) is definitely not worth it.

She's Thinking: I need the hat to keep the glare from my outfit out of my eyes.

Kat Kramer at the premiere of '10 years Later' in Los Angeles

Comment: Another repeat offender! This look can't go without comment simply for the fact that it would have been a perfectly fine ensemble if someone would have stopped Kramer before she was allowed to accessorize herself. Apparently never having heard (or listened to) the wise sayings of Coco Chanel in regards to "take one thing off," Kramer attempts to defy the laws of sensory overload by packing an unnecessarily bright-colored punch. The bracelet, the bag, the (shudder) earrings, her nail color, even her starchy coiffure are all working together to scream tacky. If she had kept the look simple with a statement making top and minimal accessories (and maybe lost the 'Dynasty' hairspray hold), she could have looked perfectly and effortlessly chic. Someone get these people a stylist!

She's Thinking: I'm matching, so that's good, right?

Senta Moses at the Premier of '10 Years later' in Los Angeles

Comment: Poor Rachel Boston looked so fresh and modern at the premiere of her movie, but she forgot to get the memo out to everyone else to do the same. Besides Kramer's candy-colored plastic attack (above), Moses seems to have forgotten what city she's in. And what season it is. And, for that matter, what decade it is. The pretty young actress chose this to wear to a movie premiere. No flowing bias-cut gown, or cute little party frock, but a dated-looking dress in what appears to be corduroy or velveteen. In July! In L.A.! Her clunky boots make the ensemble that much more severe and awful, but the kicker here is the bag. To complete her seasonally lost look the actress pairs her dress with what appears to be a Coach bag from several autumn collections ago made up in tweed, suede and velvet. But that's not even the best part—see the things hanging off the left side? Oh yes, those are her car keys. 

She's Thinking: Can we hurry this up? I'm parked illegally.

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-Alia Rajput

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  1. You never heard of Jaslene Gonzalez? Then you must live under a rock. I’m sorry. How can you call yourself a stylist of you don’t know who people are other than Mariah & Beyonce? There are style offenders out there OTHER than the supper famous. I think this list is a hoot!


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