Beauty Event. MAC’s Make-Up Art Cosmetics: Fall Colour Collection Inspired by Illustrator Maira Kalman

James Gager, Maira Kalman & Isaac Mizrahi

Last night, enthusiastic MAC and Maira Kalman fans gathered in the illustrator's warm (literally) studio for a sneak peek at one of MAC's Fall Colour Collections, MAKE-UP ART COSMETICS, inspired by Kalman. Pomegranate mojito's were toasted, Isaac Mizrahi was present, and Kalman's winsome illustrations framed the vivid pots of color responsible for such a party. James Gager, Senior Vice President and Creative Director of MAC, explained that Kalman was the sole inspiration and creative voice behind this collection. She was given minimal direction and simply created what she believed feminine women would want to wear this Fall. Kalman's studio is home to inspirations such as quirky photographs, neatly arranged vintage hats, and an elaborate book collection conjuring the greatest minds in art and literature.


Oddly, aside from its charm and quirkiness, the sterile arrangement of offbeat memorabilia does not reflect Kalman's visually rich illustrations. Her prints are appealing and inviting, decorated with bright colors that translate easily into MAC's Fall Collection. But MAC had a mind for other collaborations as well. Kalman's cozy soiree was only one of three unveiling the Fall Colour Collections. Photographer Marilyn Minter and painter Richard Phillips also joined creative forces with MAC to produce their own distinct collections, still falling seamlessly in line with MAC's ethos.

Cute bartender

Deenie Hartzog with MAC's James Gager

Kalman, an author, illustrator, and designer, has written and illustrated 12 children's books, while her artwork is appropriately featured in the most recent edition of Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style." Her work is shown at the Julie Saul Gallery in Manhattan and her New York Times blog about American democracy, "And the Pursuit of Happiness," is featured the last Friday of every month. Check out Kalman's NY Times blog is at


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– Deenie Hartzog

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