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We know we have been slacking off on this feature, but truth be told, and this is scary…there has not been too much to make fun of. OK, that’s not true…but it took us some time to build our photo inventory back up. Hollywood has let us down, but they are back in action!

Arija Bareikis (no idea either) at the premiere of ‘No Reservations’ in NYC

Comment: This dress is just ugly. It does nothing for her and the sandals are dreadful. Then again, who is she?


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She’s thinking: I can’t believe someone wanted to take a picture of lil’ old me!

Jamie King in the Bahamas

Comment: Read above. She’s in the BAHAMAS! What’s the deal with the black tights and brown lace-up boots with a summery white dress? Wait, what’s the deal with black tights and brown lace-up boots…EVER?

She’s thinking: Maybe I should have used that spray tan before I came out here.

Juliette (Lewis) and the Licks perform in Japan

Comment: What can I say? If she performs, she’s on here. You have to admire her conviction though.

She’s thinking: I ROCK!!!!!

Shauna and Denise Richards at the Playboy Mansion

Comment: I realize you will not be finding um, stellar fashion, let alone clothing at the Playboy Mansion, but how can resist the outfit on the left? This woman is the complete creation of her plastic surgeon. Additionally, who would expect  Denise Richards (who loves to flaunt her bod in bikinis) would be over-dressed? It’s the Playboy Mansion! Lighten up!

They are thinking: Denise is thinking: Who is this I’m posing with? OH MY GOD…what is she wearing?

Alejandra Guzman at the Latin Grammy Tribute concert in Florida

Comment: Oddly, this was not at the Playboy Mansion, but a red blue carpet. I don’t know which is more frightening. Her age or her outfit. In either case, it’s bad. Very bad.

She’s thinking: Soy una mamá caliente!

Jamie Pressly celebrating her birthday in Las Vegas.

Comment: If what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is really true…I pray this outfit stayed in Vegas. Where to begin. Would you ever want photographic evidence of your birthday looking like this? Yes, she just gave birth and looks great figure-wise, but let us not forget that she supposedly is a ‘fashion designer’ hawking her own label ‘J’amie’. The clothes were not spectacular, but they were nothing like this trash.

She’s thinking: I am so f’ed up! Who cares what I look like? You should be damn happy I got dressed! Shots for everyone! "I love you guys!"

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