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Sorry, I have been asleep behind the wheel. "Dancing with the Stars" provided some great material, but that’s just too easy. See below for this week’s fashion mishaps.

Alexandra Spencer-Churchill at the Mayfair Hotel in London

Comment: Do I really need to explain why this outfit is horrid? I mean really. It’s a mix of a 70’s housecoat and a baby doll dress. In fact, I think my parents had wallpaper in our house back in the early 70’s that was close to this color and pattern schematic. Yuck. The brown stockings and brown boots (trust me they are there) are just making this worse. She looks too old to even try to pull this off. Her hair and makeup are screaming for another, more flattering outfit


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She’s thinking: I can’t believe I can’t even sit in this dress. Otherwise I will be pulling a full-on Britney.

Ashley Olsen the Grand Reopening Celebration of the New Museum in New York City

Comment: I know this girl is tiny, but this outfit only exaggerates that fact. She looks all of 3’2" in this picture. Everybody else at this event managed to look rocking good in their Calvin’s. Too bad she took the lazy way out. We expect better from our Full House Fashionista!

She’s thinking: I think my skirt is about to fall down. Whatever, Dude. I’m worth multiple millions and you’re not.

Keyshia Cole at BET’s "106 & Park" in New York City

Comment: It’s never a good idea to wear roadkill. Though the belt is a nice touch try, this vest screams "CAVEMAN"! I love the exposed arm tattoo though, god forbid there is a shirt under this vest, she’d boil to death! Don’t even get me started on the heels on the boots. They are just wrong! Her stylist needs to be fired. Fast!

She’s thinking: It’s 55 degrees in Manhattan today. I’m burning up! Get me some ice water!

Paula Abdul at the 9th annual Family Television Awards in Los Angeles

Comment: I had to do a double-take because I couldn’t believe Paula Abdul could look this good. In fact, she doesn’t really look like herself. Even her face looks different/better/fuller. She normally looks like hell so she is on this list because we are convinced she had a momentary loss of bad fashion taste judgement. We are not foolish enough to believe it will last. Kudos be lucid enough to pull this off though. Bravo! Then again, I’m a sucker for gunmetal.

She’s thinking: Simon! Come on Simon. Where are you? (OK, I stole that from Kathy Griffin’s "Straight to Hell" on BravoTV, which was hysterical!)

Christopher Knight and wife Adrianne Curry  at the Launch of WE Vote ’08 in New York City

Comment: For the love of God! Do we really have to see that? He is in way over his head. He’s a dead man, for sure. In fact, her boob is in way over his head.

She’s thinking: I’m just counting the days until he kicks.


Louise Roe at the Christmas light ceremony at the Stella McCartney store in London

Comment: OK, it’s just a tree lighting ceremony, but obviously even that was a photo op. So it’s not really a good time to wear every hot trend of the moment…at once! It’s a trend overload. Separately, there are some great pieces here. Together, they are a mess. Let’s list the trends shall we? Grey tights, check. Cropped leather biker jacket, check. Silver bag, check. Wool hat, check. Tie-dye dress….er, what?
The grey tights just do not match anything and are not doing it for me.

She’s thinking: Wait. Of all the stuff I threw on, I forgot to wear any Stella! Shit!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: WireImage

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  1. Fashion is such a tricky industry to predict, because what is here today is gone tomorrow. Regardless, it’s fun to guess what’s going to be “in” for the various season.


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