WTF Was She Thinking? The Week in Bad Celeb Style.

Another week, another WTF…

Pixie Geldof at the O2 Wireless Music Festival

Just because it’s a music festival, people think they can go crazy. This tank dress was just in time for the 4th of July! Also, it had weird upside down arm-holes at the bottom, which she has conveniently knotted up in this shot. Weird. However, we like that her name is denotative of her hairstyle.

She Was Thinking:
I’m British and I’m wearing an American flag. Clever!

Singer Roison Murphy at the O2 Wireless Music Festival


Okay, so we know that this is a performance outfit so she gets a little leeway. But we can’t help but mention that her space-age outfit (complete with light saber microphone?) seems to be making her a look a little sad.

Also, haven’t we seen this hat before?

She Was Thinking: When a problem (outfit) comes along, you must whip it!

Lindsay Lohan, in her 22nd birthday dress

We won’t even comment on Samantha Ronson, but we just have to say that Lindsay’s dress is so….  blah. The color is… ehh. The cut is… whatever. Accessories… ho hum. Hair and make-up… yes, she has them.

She Was Thinking:
This is me trying to be less controversial on my birthday. Mission accomplished.

Jo Champa at the Hancock premiere


So maxi-dresses are in, but not ones that look like the surface of Mars. Also, in case you haven’t realized, Jo, it’s summer. Hence the 4th of July Will-Smith-a-Palooza you are attending.

She Was Thinking: Whew, I’m hot! No, like seriously hot…

Justine Bateman at the Hancock premiere


Whoooaaa-kay, Stevie Nicks… hire a stylist next time you come out to support one of your brother’s movies. And what is with the long sleeves? Is L.A. unseasonably cold?

She Was Thinking:
Do these boots need to be buffed? (Answer: Not if you NEVER wear them again.)

Queen Latifah at the Hancock premiere

Thanks for getting all gussied up, Lateef!

She Was Thinking:
Sorry y’all, I came straight from the gym!

And that’s it for this week. Looking forward to some more jaw-dropping styles next week!

– Hayley Wells


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