WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

The gusts of Fashion Week have blown across the shores of New York and now London, moving onto the tragically hip fashion capitals of Pairs and Milan, but not before leaving some pretty hopeless cases in their wake!

Juliette Lewis at the premiere of "Whip It" in Hollywood

Comment: Ever since she wooed Brad Pitt with her cornrows back in the early nineties, Juliette Lewis has been marching to her own fashion beat. And more often than not, that beat has been all over the place. Now that its been almost two decades since her relationship with Brad, you would think her taste would have matured along with her. Alas, her swirly patterned tights and pink lacy gloves appear otherwise. Throw in her shiny, garbage bag-looking frock and shaggy locks and she resembles some sort of 80s throwback between Joan Jett and Jem. 


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She's Thinking: I'm truly, truly, truly outrageous!

Stephanie March at a Broadway Premiere, New York

Comment: Although March does have a killer body and by all means should show it off, she should also take the necessary precautions to make sure everything stays in place. Something as simple as a bra (they do make seamless ones now!) under this form-fitting fabric would provide the lift and coverage that March is in such dire need of here. Remember that awful picture of Gwyneth with the same problem? Yeah, we do too.

She's Thinking: Is it cold in here or is it just me?

Georgie Macintyre at 02 X Awards in London

Comment: Any self-respecting fashionista should know this case is pretty self-explanatory: don't wear a dress that resembles a musical instrument. It's just one of those basic, fundamental rules. Sorry Georgie, but you're a stylist! You should really know these things.

She's Thinking: But I can play Chopsticks!

Lisa Kudrow at the 'Rock A Little Feed A Lot" benefit in L.A.

Comment: I actually first saw a shot of Kudrow from the waist up (and with her jacket closed) in this ensemble and thought that she looked great. But then the frame expanded and the horror that was her pants was revealed. These baggy, pleated, tapered slacks almost allow one to understand the appeal behind the recent trend of pantslessness. And to pair them with flats (and a v-neck t-shirt?) is just icing on the ill-fitting cake.

She's Thinking: I only wore dresses as Phoebe, what do you expect?!

Diane Farr at a benefit party in L.A.

Comment: Diane Farr must have been a little confused by what the party she was attending would entail, or for that matter, what city it would be in. She seemingly tried to cover all her bases with a shearling vest, jeans, chunky boots, and then……. a slip dress. Hm. Apparently a hike was on the agenda but she couldn't bring herself to sacrifice style.

She's Thinking: Like the boys scouts say, always be prepared!

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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