WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

Everyone take a deep breath through your nose………smell that? It's the sweet, sensual musk of awards season—the only time of year that celebrities trot themselves out, decked out in their best, for all to see. And for all to judge. This is a great time for us fashion critics and year after year, celebs continue to keep us on our toes in their dreadful fashion faux pas. Awards season this year was kicked off especially well  (or should I say, especially awful) with this week's People's Choice awards. Sorry Simona, (SCS celebrity fashion columnist), I know I'm meddling in your territory, but this week's whole WTF is dedicated to the disastrous display that was the People's Choice awards. Enjoy!

Carrie Underwood at the People's Choice Awards in L.A.

Comment: With as many hits under belt as she has, you would think the country star would have more hits than misses in her red carpet wardrobe. Not the case with this dress that makes her look like the catch of the day. Is it really necessary to have a web-like overlay that's six inches longer than your skirt? Not if you end up looking like you were brought in by a fishing boat. Let's keep the netting to our legs ladies.


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She's Thinking: My knees tend to get really cold.

Jenna Elfman at the People's Choice Awards in L.A.

Comment: Wow, Jenna, are you expecting? Well, it barely shows. Yeah right. Reveling in the glory that is pre-motherhood is one thing. But pulling a swath of stretch spandex over your head for the benefit of the public is definitely bordering on TMI. Your adoring fans are all very happy for you, but that doesn't mean we need to see the baby actually moving around in there!

She's Thinking: I have ultrasound photos to pass out as well.

Sandra Bullock at the People's Choice Awards in L.A.

Comment: Somebody call Barbara Walters and tell her we found her dress. Or for that matter, Barbara Bush. Bullock seemed to be pressed for time and had to cut her bridge game short to make it to the red carpet. But not before yanking down the curtains from the elderly ladies club and turning them into a dress. That would explain the questionable hemline and the ill fitting nature of it. But why she chose drapes in a color that nearly matches her skin, making her appear totally washed out, we just can't say.

She's Thinking: I have to have them back at the club by nine.

Hayley Williams at the People's Choice Awards in L.A.

Comment: Ok, we get that you're a musician and that you have more legroom to be eccentric and odd than your typical actress might. But if you're rolling with the big kids and getting invites to these ceremonies, (not to mention potentially winning an award and having to go up on stage), then you need to show you can be taken seriously. The food coloring hair is one thing, but the overkill of cutesy bows is just too much. Save it for the Grammys sister. At least there you won't stand out as much.

She's Thinking: This is me being serious. 

Kelly Rutherford at the People's Choice Awards in L.A.

Comment: Another mishap resulting from dressing too old and too pale. Kelly is so hot and can work so many looks that she doesn't need to envelope herself in some 'mother of the bride' type gown to look elegant. The dress is way too fussy, from the beaded collar, to the ruching, to the length. All in all, as MK would say, it's a lot of look. And let's face it Kelly, we could all use a bit more support.

She's Thinking: But I glued these tassels on myself! 

Photo Source: wireimage

-Alia Rajput

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