WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

These pictures were taken before Halloween so we have no idea what these women were thinking! It’s pretty scary.

Maria Bello arrives at the 16th Annual Family Halloween Carnival in L.A.

Wow! Not only is this outfit scary, it’s unflattering. It doesn’t seem to match either. The brown suede boots are too heavy for the light fabrics they are paired with. But, that’s only part of the problem.


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She’s thinking: Why am I at a pumpkin patch?

Francia Raisa at the 16th Annual Family Halloween Carnival in L.A.

This could scare small children which I would assume where at this Halloween carnival. Appropriate? Um, no. So tacky.

She’s thinking: Hey, I would go to an opening of an envelope if I thought it would help my career!

Actress Nina Wadiaat the National Television Awards in London

This outfit could not be less flattering! I’m truly at a loss. It’s actually sad. First, the girls need some support, second the color is all wrong for her and lastly, the cut just does not work on her frame.

She’s thinking: I know I look miserable. I am.

Jenna Elfman at the 2009 MCN Upfront party in Sydney, Australia

Oh Darma, we miss you! This dress, however, not so much. It’s a little too crazy and I hate where it cuts her on her knees. It should be 2 inches higher or 2 inches lower. The necklace is not needed with such a bold pattern and the choice of bronze shoes is perplexing.

She’s thinking: I miss my career.

Dawn Richard at the Dusk Till Dawn Halloween gala in NYC

I don’t think this is a costume, but can’t be sure. Nobody else was wearing them which is odd since it was a ‘Halloween’ gala. Love the knee-socks. Not! Check out the flash of gut behind her!

She’s thinking: I guess I’m a referee?

Joss Stone at the Hard Rock’s 2008 global "Imagine There’s No Hunger" campaign in London

Imagine there there’s no bad outfits! This is boho bad! OK, the top isn’t awful, but that skirt? It’s a little too matronly and Little House.

She’s thinking: I should be singing (we agree).

America’s Next Top Model Lisa D’Amato at the Ultimat Vodka LA Launch in L.A.

What the? This is a red (er, blue) carpet outfit? She’s a model. She must have access to better clothes than these! The boots don’t even match! She could have at the very least worn black boots.

She’s thinking: Did I win?

Ryan Starr at the Blackberry Storm Launch in L.A.

Seriously. Is she serious? Of course the scarf is necessary to keep her warm! She is practically naked on top! Um, leave a little something for the imagination.

She’s thinking: Admit it. You hate me. My abs ROCK!

Juliette Lewis at the Blackberry Storm Launch in L.A.

Oh Juliette…last week you were showing such promise. Now you are back at the bottom of the pile. We had such high hopes for you, but in our hearts knew you would wind up here. WTF were you thinking? Are those shorts over leggings? Oye.

She’s thinking: It’s a tuxedo! Get it?

— Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: WireImage


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