Why Do I Like These? Ash Wedge Sneakers

Models Candice Swanepoel & Behati Prinsloo wearing Ash 'BOWIE' wedge sneakers at a recent Victoria's Secret photo shoot*
Every once in awhile I really like something that so totally goes against everything I stand for and I can’t explain why. I mean If I think about it, a wedge sneaker is really ridiculous. It’s not like I am going to wear them with anything but jeans. They would look asinine with a dress. Also, let’s face it, I’m not a kid anymore and even my husband teases me that I sometimes dress like a 24 year-old girl. I don’t think it’s a compliment. Don’t even get me started on cargo pants. However, when I recently saw the Ash “Austin” and “Bowie” sneaker wedges, I hate to admit, I kinda liked them and loathe myself for wanting a pair. I mean seriously? The fact that gorgeous 20 -something Victoria’s Secret models are wearing them (see above) should be enough to make me run screaming. Now when I saw the Ash “Gin” Wedge Sneaker last year I laughed. It looks like a Converse gone rogue. But there is something about the suede and canvas newer version that intrigues me. I can’t look away. Now I have to say I am personally more drawn to the solid ones, but the multi-colored, color-blocked ones don’t offend me. However, the versions with the Velcro closures do. I would love to get a pair, but live in fear of being teased by my husband. Then again, does he really have to know? Do I really care? Should I get a pair or just grow up?
Ash Austin in Black Suede/Canvas $135 (I dig the studs)
Ash Bowie in Apple Suede $225
Ash Bowie in Black/Stone $235
Find Ash Wedge Sneakers at: ashfootwearusa.com * Note: the Ash Bowie sneaker worn by the models in the picture above will not be available until late summer. When they are, I really want the blue pair! – Lauren Dimet Waters

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