Julia Stiles' Comedic Testament In Presenting New Line Of Eco-Friendly Clothing!


Who knew Julia Stiles was such a comedic talent? It hasn't been since the predictable, tween-happy humor that she displayed in "Ten Things I Hate About You" have we seen actress Stiles try her hand at funny. Blessedly she shed her cotton-candy roles in teen flicks and opted for more serious cinema which proved she could act in a drama, but not until now do we truly see that she can master the comedy as well. And we have YouTube to thank for that! The actress posed as the star of a short film spoofing the latest craze of celebs who have decided to turn designer. With the recent announcements of actresses like Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow trying their hands at creating clothing, it was only a matter of time before some parody troupe rolled over and took notice. Stiles ingeniously pokes fun at herself and her public involvement of the 'Going Green' movement by posing as the latest celeb designer with a unique twist—creating a collection that's "100% Green." The hilarious results of this so-called clothing line involve a suit made out of newspapers with a swiffer tie, a shirt made up of pieces of ten different shirts called, "Ten Shirts I Love About You," and the newest innovation in homeless chic called "Shants"—a shirt that doubles as a pair of pants! Stiles somehow manages to keep a straight face throughout while models pose extravagantly in her eco-friendly designs, a feat which seems especially hard when explaining she thought up the idea for "Shants" when filming in Belize and St. Tropez and stumbling on a derelict who had never owned a shirt. Priceless! So for all of us weary of these almost daily reports of celebrity crossovers, its good to know there's still some stars in the spotlight refusing to take themselves too seriously. Bravo!


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Article Source: newyorkmag, beanstocked

Video Source: Youtube

Photo Source: tinker.com

-Alia Rajput

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